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Gym and Swim is one of the most intriguing band in recent years, comprised of members from various sound influences. They all belong thier own bands, started from Chalerm (vocal and synthesizer, from Seal Pillow), Pokpong (guitar and synthesizer, from Plastic Plastic), Terk (guitar and chorus, from The Leprosy), Hob (bass and synthesizer, from Details) and lastly Mudmee (drums, from Merry Go Round). The band's debut and first released on Parinam Music, titled Iron Man. Granted to frenetic sound and honest lyric, this song rapidly climbs up to no.7 in Fat Radio 40 Chart within a week. The second track, Octopussy, consists of waggling melody and vintage sound. The song is all about asking a girl out to the beach for a date but instead of expressing his love, he's just offer her a diving for octopus. Yuuwahuu, the third single inspired by tropical pop, is mentioned about the lost guy who can't figure any ways out among load of problems, only can shout YUUWAHUU out loud. The latest track, Bunny House, the band still offers tropical-inspired music and it just feels like having fun and running around in the super-cutie bunny colony.

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