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HarryBigButton are a Hard'N'Loud Rock band from Seoul, Korea. A post-hard rock band named for the slang term for a cheap, vintage car stereo, HarryBigButton burst onto South Korea’s burgeoning indie rock scene in late 2011 with their acclaimed, self-produced debut EP, “Hard ‘n Loud”. George Washburn of Metal Disciple described their music on that EP as “a cross between traditional hard rock/metal and 90s alternative with a twist. Whatever you call it, I think it sounds good. The guitars are heavy and kind of bluesy. The vocals are clean and deeper than I expected.” Formed in Seoul, Korea, by shag-gy-haired metal/rock veteran Sungsoo Lee (vocals, guitar) who was later joined by three more experienced members, the band has seen a meteoric rise to fame in their home country over the past year, thanks to appearances at almost every major live club and music festival, as well as the nationwide broadcast of a band survival TV show. Both local and expat audiences around Korea have been shaken up by the band’s testosterone-fueled guitar sound (Gibson Les Paul Customs) and the manly confidence of Sungsoo’s powerful vocals, which, coupled with the majority of his lyrics being sung in flawless English, make HarryBigButton a true rarity within the fairly young Korean indie scene. At last, their first full-length album, entitled “King's Life” (distributed by Sony Music, produced by Sungsoo Lee and mastered by world-famous engineer Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York) was released in October 2012. Now, HarryBigButton is ready to unleash K-rock upon the world!

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