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Since 1996, No Brain has presented Korean Rock n' Roll
Formed in 1996 in a small club in Hongdae(the artistic & cultural playground in Seoul), No Brain has grown up as one of the biggest rock bands in Korea. They started to criticize society's current state of affairs and inequality with their raw punk sound, which was really shocking in Korea in the middle of 1990s. No Brain never stops playing on the stage for the last 15years, now they are speaking for the general public including, of course, young rock kids. With pure rock spirits and passion for music, No Brain introduces many Korean people to rock. Even though they have become so big in the music scene, No Brain still loves to play in small sized venues, like they did in the old days, and support new bands and clubs.

Their History Makes Their Own Legend
Rock music is not very popular in Korea, so being a rock band is not easy. But No Brain was not afraid of failure and change, this is what makes this band a good representive for all of Korea. No Brain has played more than 3000 shows over the last 15 years . They have experienced players who are competent and great on the stage. They speak with confidence when they say that they will keep evolving and refreshing themselves. They don't flatter nor act above themselves for what they have achieved so far.

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Bulldaegal– Vocals
VOVO– Guitar
BBogle– Bass
Hyoonga– Drums대한민국 인디음악 역사에 있어 언제나 선봉적 역할을 해온 [노브레인]

10년이 넘는 세월 동안 오직 한길만을 꿋꿋이 걸어오고 있는 그들은 이제는 인디음악씬의 중추적인 역할뿐만이 아닌 인디음악이 대중음악으로서의 중심으로 자리 잡는데 크나큰 역할을 하고 있다. 인디 음악이 언더 음악이라는 편견을 없앤 장본인들인 만큼 그들은 더욱 더 대중음악에서

이성우(보컬), 정민준(기타), 황현성(드럼), 정우용(베이스)

2011~ 인천 문화관광 홍보대사
2009~ 에이즈 예방 캠페인 홍보대사
2007~ 멤버 '정재환' 탈퇴
2007~ 멤버 '정재환' 탈퇴
2007~ 제42회 전국기능경기대회 홍보대사

2009 제2회 홍대앞 문화예술상 시상식 대한민국라이브페스티벌상
2008 제5회 한국대중음악상 올해의 영화 드라마 음악상
2007 제4회 한국대중음악상 그룹 부문 올해의 가수상
2006 제2회 대한민국 대학영화제 특별상
1999 Mnet 영상음악대상 인디부문 대상

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