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Phonebooth are a Rock’n’Roll band in South Korea, formed in 2005. The group was formed by five schoolmates who graduated from the same high school. The band that swelled with pride for their music was always brave. They did a tour of Asia before they released their first debut album. The group recorded a demo and uploaded it on youtube and myspace and contacted labels, festivals, and clubs in Asia without anyone’s help. Guess what the result was? They were invited to play at Fat Festival in Thai Land, the Ho-Hai-Yan Festival in Taiwan and a club tour of Japan-12 clubs and 7cities. After the tour, they released their first debut full-length album The Way To Live On. Not like others' first effort, this album was full of elaborated flyness. Surely, spirits and passion are inevitable for the first effort.Then in 2010, they released their second effort, ‘By Me Of Me For Me’. Mastered at Metropolis Studio in London, this album sounds richer than the first one, includes a better list of songs.

All five members have recently returned from their two years of military service!

Members: Laser Hong – Vocals Tae-woo Kim – Backing Vocals, Guitar Sang-min Lee – Guitar Han Park – Bass Min-suk Choi – Drums

Released Albums: The way to live on, 2008 By me, Of me, For me, 2010 The Last November(Acoustic Live Album), 2012폰부스는 2005년 결성된 젊은혈기의 Rock'n Roll 밴드로서 각종해외 투어공연,방송,클럽,대학공연 등으로 다져진 철저한 라이브 실력으로 이들의 음악을 듣거나 보고 있는 어떤 연령대의 사람들도 모두 신나고 기운차게 만들 수 있는 저력을 가진 로큰롤 밴드이다.

Vocal - Laser
Guitar - 김태우 , 이상민
Bass - 박 한
Drum - 최민석

2009년 정규1집 The Way to live on 발매
2010년 정규2집 By me For me Of me 발매
2012년 라이브 앨범 Last November 발매
6월 27일 디지털싱글 "바코드"

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