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Pia (피아) is a South Korean rock band formed in Busan in 1998. Meaning 'the Universe and I' or 'You and I' in Chinese characters(Pi:彼 A:我), Pia was originally formed by Hullang Lee (guitar), Kibum Kim (bass) and Yohan Ok (lead singer) who were later joined by Simz No(fx, keyboard) and, after several member changes on drums, Hye Seung Yang (drums). The band has maintained this line-up ever since their first official gig together, the 2001 Ssamzie Festival.

After touring in local clubs and rock festivals for a few years, they relocated to Seoul and released their debut album Pia@ArrogantEmpire.xxx in March 2001. Having gradually gained momentum, the band made a breakthrough at the 2002 ETP FEST and eventually signed to Goesoo Indegene, a major label established by Seo Taiji, one of Korea's most prominent musicians. After releasing three studio albums 3rd Phase (2003), Become Clear (2005), Waterfalls (2007) and an EP Urban Explorer (2008) through Goesoo, Pia left the label in 2009 and joined WinWon Entertainment in 2011, releasing their fifth studio album Pentagram that year.

While Pia originally began as a nu metal/hardcore[disambiguation needed] band recognized for their heavy guitar sound and Yohan's powerful screaming vocals, their musical style has changed significantly over the years. Having explored various genres such as alternative metal, emo core, garage rock, alternative rock, synthpop, and such, their current music is considered to be alternative rock and electronic rock. While their albums have generally become softer and more melodic with increasing electronic influences, Pia has consistently incorporated their original heavy and powerful sound to their evolving style.

(from Wikipedia)
피아(彼我, Pia)는 서태지컴퍼니 산하의 레이블 '괴수인디진' 소속의 뉴 메탈 밴드다. 밴드의 이름은 '너와 나', '우주와 나'라는 뜻이다. 1998년 부산에서 결성, 라이브 클럽 등에서 활동하던 피아는 상경하여 앨범 'Pia@Arrogantempire.xxx'를 발매하며 데뷔했다. 2002년 괴수인디진에 합류했다. 보컬의 옥요한, 기타의 hullang(헐랭), 베이스의 kibum(기범), 키보드의 Sim Z(심지), 드럼의 혜승으로 구성되어 있다.

YOHAN/요한 (vocal)
HULLANG/헐랭 (Guitar)
KIBUM/기범 (Bass)
SIMZ/심지 (Piano,FX)
HYESEUNG/혜승 (Drum)

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