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The name ' Yozoh' is the main character's name of Dazai Osamu's novel .
When I was young, I happened to read it. Murakami Haruki was the only Japanese author I had known before then, so I was shocked with this novel. Since then, I have used the name, 'Yozoh' as my pen name because I was absorbed in the main character, then as I began doing artistic work, it became my stage name after all.

- some of the interview with Yozoh


If we would describe Yozoh's music to someone who meets for the first time, which word could be the best? Wouldn't you get the feeling like this?
We could say that if walk is walking around slowly, Yozoh's music is like the walk.
When guitar and percussion, and Yozoh's voice are humming, we can see the music like walking very quietly. And many people say that Yozoh's music is harmless sweetness, touchable music, magical sound and her music is the touch of sense. To top it off, there are a lot of portrayals about her, but the best word representing her music is ambiguousness.


The main character, Yozoh of the song that was played in the ads of Maxim coffee, Olympus camera and LG mobile phone has already reached the public.
Yozoh's music that gets the limelight by the background music of many mini homepys and Web logs.
A singer song writer, Yozoh who brightens plain or small fragments of daily life with her peculiar gaze has been recognized as a significant icon that blurs the lines between the main stream and the non-mainstream and occupies the one area of the new culture after releasing her first full-length album [Traveler]. Furthermore, she has been active in a wide range of field such as music, concerts, radio DJ, movies, pictures, books and so on. “요조란 이름은 다자이 오사무의 소설 의 주인공 이름이에요.
어릴 때 우연히 봤는데 그 전까지 일본 작가라면 무라카미 하루키만 알고 있다가 이 소설에 충격을 받았거든요.
주인공에게 너무 감정이입을 한 나머지 그때부터 필명으로 썼는데 음악하면서 그대로 예명이 된 거예요.”

-Yozoh 인터뷰 중에서


올림푸스 카메라와 LG 휴대폰, 맥심 커피 광고 속 삽입된 곡의 주인공, 요조는 이미 목소리로 대중과 밀착해있다.
미니홈피와 블로그 배경음악으로 각광받고 있는 요조의 음악들.
소박하거나 혹은 소소한 일상의 조각들을 독특한 시선으로 반짝이게 하는 싱어송라이터 요조는 2008년 정규앨범 [Traveler]
발매 이후 주류와 비주류의 경계를 허물고 새로운 문화의 한 영역을 차지하는 중요한 아이콘으로 인식되어 왔으며,
음악, 공연, 라디오 DJ, 영화, 사진, 도서 등 문화 전반에서 전방위적 활동을 펼치고 있다.

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