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2018/09/26 20:00

Seoul Of Gypsy @ Jebidabang


Seoul Of Gypsy,

2018/09/26 19:30

Bbang Weekly (Wed)

Club Bbang

넝지, 기표, 세웅 (Seung), 한수수,

2018/09/27 19:30

Bbang Weekly (Thurs)

Club Bbang

Desert Flower, Convers, Wellaway, Crunch Ville, Dalkomhanmadi,

2018/09/27 21:00

Ordinary Songs


오니더리송즈 (Ordinary Songs),

2018/09/28 20:00

Bluehotel Label Party

CATs - 사상인디스테이션 (CATs - 사상인디스테이션)

Deep Water, My Golden Age, Daily Blue, Elecphant, Sidecar,

2018/09/28 19:30

Bbang Weekly (Fri)

Club Bbang

Sarah, 한량, MRMT, Variantia,

2018/09/28 21:00

Teona @ Jebidabang




Rule The World Punx

Club Steel Face

Rumkicks, Far from Here, Full Garage, Smoking Goose, Punk Drunk Love,

2018/09/29 21:00

Go! Rockerz

Evans Lounge

Yijay, Decadent, Cardean,

2018/09/29 17:00

watmm live 56


tentoten, Aseul, Uza, twotoneshape, Moon SeungBong, more...

2018/09/29 19:30

Bbang Weekly (Sat)

Club Bbang

Doma, Jae-Hyoung Lee, People and People, 지누콘다김,

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