2014/06/14 6:00 p.m.

Pavlov 1st album "26" release concert

KT&G SangSang Madang (Live Hall)

2014/06/14 21:10

GoGos2 Live

GoGos 2

Goldmember, Red Sign, From the Airport,

Teenage Heart, Lapis Lazuli, Just in: Beavers,

2014/06/14 20:20

The Abrupt Rock Party

(No venue yet)

Lions on the Beach, Cannibal Heart, Light And Noise, Reasco,

2014/06/14 4:00 pm

Pretty Boys Concert

Guro Art Valley Arts Center

2014/06/14 10:00 pm

Second Saturdays (June 2014)

Club Spot

Golden Ticket, Chanter's Alley, The Kitsches, ...Whatever That Means, Durchfall,

2014/06/14 20:00

Pavlov's CD Release Party

KT&G SangSang Madang (Live Hall)

2014/06/14 8:00 pm

개망나니 쑈 Vol.2


Oriental Youth, Hellivision,

2014/06/14 18:30

Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy

Space Moon

Guten Birds, Sunstroke, Cranfield,

2014/06/13 19:30

Love! Like!

(No venue yet)

2014/06/13 7:30 pm


Club FF

Dirty30s, Cannibal Heart, Elekstic, Jannabi, Mintgray, more...

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