2014/05/29 20:00

Nada Busking Day


XeXe, Jujin Lim,

2014/05/29 20:00

Tungston Hall Live (Thursday)

Tungsten Hall

Neulu, Rhino Acoustic, Papyeon,

2014/05/29 8:00 pm

Mystery Live Show

(No venue yet)

Monkey Spanner, Green Dolphin Street, Mystery House, Julia Dream,

2014/05/28 20:00

Finger Style Guitar Day


Ahn Cheol-Soo, NamGeol Han, Ho Jun Lee,

2014/05/28 8:00 pm

Ah....Paul (The Tatles at Club Ta)

Club TA

The Tatles,

2014/05/28 8:00 pm

V V Masuri Vol.5

HanaTour V Hall

French Note, A.Tempo, Stay Foolish, Lapis Lazuli,

2014/05/28 7:30 pm

Colt Col-tack

Club Bbang

Call Van, Sunwoo Jungah, K.afka, Yozoh,

2014/05/27 20:00

Club Busking (Tuesday)

(No venue yet)

Minha, Killer Potato, Reverse Track,

2014/05/26 20:00

Evans Lounge (Monday)

Evans Lounge

Rozz, Miles Away,

2014/05/25 6:30 pm

Sunday Live Show

(No venue yet)

A-Void , Last Scene Film, Titan,

2014/05/25 6:00 p.m.

Well Dressed Girls

Evans Lounge

2014/05/25 5:00pm

Boys Spirit

(No venue yet)

2014/05/25 6:00 p.m.

New Born

(No venue yet)

2014/05/25 17:30

Crying Nut Show

Prism Hall

2014/05/25 5:30pm



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