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September 19th - 20th : Nanji Hangang Park, Seoul :

Let's Rock Festival is a city festival made for the people! Their aim is simple, to help develop the local rock scene. First started back in 2007 it is still going strong today and will feature some of the best pro and rookie indie / rock musicians Korea has to offer.

Line up :

Sep 19th (Sat)

▷ LOVE Stage

페퍼톤스(peppertones), 스탠딩에그(Standing Egg), 버즈(Buzz), 재주소년(Jae Joo So Nyeon), 루시아(Lucia), 9와 숫자들(9 and The Numbers), 김사랑(Kim Sarang), W&JAS, 박시환(Park Si-hwan), 바닐라어쿠스틱(Vanilla Acoustic), 픽포니(Big Phony), 어쿠루브(Acourve), 피콕(Peacock).

▷ PEACE Stage

노브레인(No Brain), 크라잉넛(Crying Nut), 칵스(The Koxx), 글렌체크(Glen Check), 딕펑스(Dick Punks), 갤럭시익스프레스(Galaxy Express), 슈가도넛(Sugar Donut), 내귀에도청장치(Wire tap in my ear), 슈퍼키드(SuperKidd), 후후(Whowho), 피해의식(Victim Mentality), 마이마이(Mymy).

Sep 20th (Sun)

▷ LOVE Stage

이적(Lee Juck), 장미여관(Rose Motel), 짙은(Zitten), 두번째달(The Second Moon), 백아연(Beak A-yeon), 바버렛츠(Barberettes), 어쿠스틱콜라보(Acoustic Collabo), 갈릭스(Garlixx), 일락(Il Rak), 소심한 오빠들(Sosimhanboys), 스무살(20years), 리싸(leeSA), 안녕바다(Bye Bye Sea).

▷ PEACE Stage

국카스텐(Guckkasten), 로맨틱펀치(Romantic Punch), 술탄오브더디스코(Sultan of The Disco), 쏜애플(Thorn Apple), 트랜스픽션(Trans Fixion), 솔루션스(The Solutions), 잔나비(Jannabi), 해리빅버튼(Harry Big Button), 로열 파이럿츠(Royal Pirates), 라이프앤타임(Life and Time), 리플렉스(Reflex), 스윗리벤지(Sweet Revenge).

Getting there :


Take the subway, line 6 and get off at World Cup Stadium Station. Come out of exit 1 : 평화의공원, 하늘공원 사이 사거리에서 월드컵 램프 다리 방향으로 도보 2,000m (약 30분 소요)
Take the subway, line 6 and get off at Mapo-gu Office Station. Come out of exit 7 :  한강방향으로 홍제천 따라 도보 1,300m (약 30분 소요)


Red Bus 9709 ▷ Take off at Nanji Hangang Park [14-331]
Red Bus 9707 ▷ Take off at Nanji Hangang Park [14-331]


Address for navigation system : 서울시 마포구 상암동 482-132 (482-132 Sangam-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul)

Ticket :

Early Bird Tickets Tickets :

Let's Rock Blind Ticket (2 Day Ticket : 77,000 won ) Sold out
Let's Rock Peace Maker Ticket (2 Day Ticket : 82,000 won) : On sale from June 16th, 1pm.

Regular Tickets : 

1 Day Ticket : 130,000 won
2 Day Ticket : 180,000 won

Camping :

No Camping

Contact :

Tel : 02-322-8488


For more information, check out the following sites :

Official Site :​
Facebook :
Twitter :


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