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# Could you introduce the band and its sounds briefly for your current and future South Korean fans?

Chase: Yeah, I’m Chase, and I'm the vocalist and play keyboard.

Ryan: I’m Ryan, and I play the drums. Joseph is not here right now, but he will be back very shortly. We formed in 2012 in Nashville Tennessee in Chases dorm room. We literally formed to play one show, but then that went well, so we decided to do another and then another.

# You met whilst studying at university. Could I ask what you were studying and if you wish you had studied different subjects?

Chase: I was studying creative writing, which was mostly writing music. That was handy, but there at times where I wish I had studied something like philosophy.

Ryan: I was studying musical engineering.

# You formed in Nashville Tennessee, but your music doesn’t really conform to what many people consider to be Music from that region. How important is Nashville to you sound?

Chase:  It was really important. Obviously, Nashville is famous for its country scene. It is also famous for its grungier sound, thanks to the likes of Jack White and the Black keys. When we came out there was no one really doing what we were doing. We see this as a good thing, we were different and part of a scene of music that came out around that time that stood out.

# Did this hinder or impact things when you were first starting out?

Chase: Oh definitely. It was hard and a bit difficult at first.

# This will be your second show in South Korea; you came last year and played at the Green Plugged festival. How was that? Did you expect the awesome reaction you got from the fans?

Chase: It was awesome. We loved that show. We had literally the best time and we had something amazing happen. So, all of the fans had coordinated this air plane drop and planned to throw them on the stage at the drop in Talk Too Much. We didn’t expect it and then there were hundreds of paper planes thrown on the stage. It was one of the best things to ever happen to us on stage.

Ryan: We loved being in Korea.

Chase: Oh, hi Joseph

Joe: Sorry guys, I was just talking to my family. Were you talking about Korea? Oh, the craziest things happened. We had pyrotechnics. We didn't know, and we were performing and then they suddenly launched all of this fire. I was actually down at my pedals when it started, it was very close, but it was intense

Chase: Yeah, I think they thought we were Metallica

Joe: I think I definitely developed a form of Wanderlust from my time in South Korea.

# Any other great memories from the last trip?

Chase: Oh man, we really loved it in Korea. We had such a good time. I think we were there for four days. We rented bikes and just rode all over Seoul. We had a great time in Hongdae.

# So, what can you remember about Korean food while you were here?

Chase: It was amazing. We ate it all. We went to a restaurant for our front of house managers birthday, and we had aged soy sauce, and BBQ, and some dumplings, I think we ate everything.

Could you tell us about the differences between album one and two?

Chase: Well, album number one, we basically recorded it in one month we were locked away from the studio, we had a producer, and we just focused on that. Then when it came to album number 2, things were more fleshed out, we had made demos, and we were much more hands on, and knew what we wanted. That would be the prime difference

# How about the 3rd album?

Chase: We have never been more proud of anything we had produced for this one, 

# I hear it is due out really soon. Can you tell us some more about that album?

Chase: It's finished- everything is done, we are so happy.

# Talk Too Much” was your first song to chart on Billboards Alternative Songs chart. How did you feel about that “alternative” label? What labels have you loved and not liked being called?

Chase: Well, we try to ignore the labels we are given, and just focus on us.

Joe: One time we were called “New Wave Crash Course Survivor Music” which was something that I sort of liked

Chase: Really? That’s interesting

# You will be playing 2 festival shows in Japan and one solo show in South Korea, how do you approach festival and private shows, any differently?

Chase: No, we don’t change anything. We try to give it everything and make it a great experience for every show, regardless. I guess we aim for the back of the room when it comes to festivals, as you will have people sort of walking through and we would like to get them involved. We also like the intimacy of the solo shows as well.

# How do you feel about the Japanese shows?

Chase: Well, we have heard that the audiences are different. The Korean audiences are passionate and really into it, but we have heard that many Japanese fans, if they were enjoying it, are almost quiet to show their respect, which will be something different for us. We can’t wait for the shows.

# How do you go about preparing a setlist with 3 albums worth of material?

Ryan: It's getting really hard

Chase: Yeah, it’s becoming more and more difficult. There are obviously songs that mean a lot to people. We sometimes meet fans before shows who say that they can’t wait to hear this song or that song, but also some of these songs mean a lot to us, some of them helped get us here, to where we are today, so it’s not easy.

# How were your first gigs out of Nashville?

Chase: It was exciting to get out, and we managed to get over to New York and LA, and those kind of places too.

# Tell me about the first New York show.

Chase: Well, we were nervous. We were just happy to be playing there.

Ryan: We drove there, we did a road trip in an old Dodge van, a late 80s van that was bright red, we called it Clifford. It broke down so many times on the drive there. But now we have a tour bus, a big, bright yellow one that we can sleep in, and its very different. I think some of the fans have nicknamed it “run”. 

# So, who is the designated driver?

Chase: Oh, good question. We do sort of take turns, Joe always drives big vehicles like they are small ones. But he's a safe driver.

# And who is DJ’ing when you drive?

Chase: We take turns, but the driver has the option to veto the music.

Joe: There was a former member who I would not let DJ when I was driving. I was always worried that I would fall asleep. 

Chase: Oh, we played a show at Red Rock recently which was a real highlight

# What time were you playing?

Chase: We were playing as the sun was setting, which was an awesome experience.

# What’s your approach to music videos, and do you have a favorite?

Chase: We try to capture the energy of the song, that’s important for us. 

Ryan: I really liked the video for “I don’t Wanna Dance” as we were dressed in cowboy boots and clothes, which was sort of a throwback to being from Nashville, that was nice.

Chase: And we had Manuel in our video, a famous fashion designer who worked with Jonny Cash and the Ra pack. That was super cool.

Joe: There is a part in the video where Manuel is measuring my leg which I thought was cool. 

# Your social media is also great. What is your approach to that?

Chase: Well, we really try to not overthink it, and also not make it seem to unrealistic or fake. That’s important to us.

# What is your pre-show ritual?

Chase: Well I like to write down notes of my expectations for the shows, what I want to see happen. I don’t think I’ve told the band that, but I like to do that. And we also like to get together and huddle.

The Lion King or Aladdin?

Chase: Hmmm, I do love Donald Glover as Simba, so I think that’s pretty cool.

Joe: I would have to go for Aladdin, I like the story of starting with nothing and then working to get it all.

# What are your plans for the rest of 2019? 

Chase: We just have to continue to do shows and get this album out. That is the main thing. It's ready, we just want to release it and see how that goes.

# Any last message for your Korean fans?

Chase: We are so excited, and we can’t wait to get back there?

Joe: Honestly, Korea is my favorite place, we can't wait for the shows and to see how they go

Chase: See you all soon

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Interview: Dain Leathem
Korean Translation: Doyeon Lim

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