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1. Firstly, please introduce one other member of the band to Doindie’s readers. What is your chosen member’s most annoying traits? Do you have any funny stories about each other?

Seung Kyu Lee : Our drummer, Haema Kim, is so good looking! He and I are the same age.

Jiwoong Jo : Guitarist / singer Seungkyu Lee is a prick.

Haema Kim : Our awesome bass player, Minhyuk Oh, is the funny man of the group.

Minhyuk Oh : Guitarist / singer Jiwoong Jo is stubborn. He doesn’t listen to anyone. He has the most annoying personality in the band!

Haema Kim : During the Hello Rookie preliminaries Seungkyu ate a bowl of naengmyeon and ended up being sick.

Minhyuk Oh : A while back we went to play a show in Busan. Jiwoong was in a good mood and drinking loads of soju, as a result he ended up spending the night in Busan University Hospital!

Seungkyu Lee : Minhyuk once left his phone battery in a convenience store to charge, then promptly forgot where it was. The battery’s whereabouts are still one of Hongdae’s 3 great mysteries!

2. You clearly get a lot of your influences (both musically and stylistically) from British rock ‘n roll. What first attracted you to British music and what bands do you think most influence your sound?

Seung Kyu Lee : It’s difficult to explain in words. Even though I have listened to loads of British music, I never really set out with the aim of just listening to British music. I think our biggest influence has been Oasis! I guess our sound has been influenced by many cool bands, like the Libertines and other bands from the early 2000s.

Haema Kim : It’s the land of The Beatles! That’s all that matters!

Jiwoong Jo : Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders is so cool! I like the unique emotion of British rock music.

3. You have two talented lead vocalists; how do you share that role?

The Lads : Usually, whoever wrote the song sings it.

4. What is your favorite ‘Lads’ song, and why?

Seung Kyu Lee : ‘Texas Song’ is my favorite song of ours. I've never had any bad feelings about this song. It’s got a fucking awesome hook.

Minhyuk Oh : I love the guitar sound on ‘Stay Young #1’.

Haema Kim : ‘Lads On The Street’ (the title track from the new album) has a fucking, fucking amazing hook! .

Jiwoong Jo : I don’t have one!

5. ‘108’ is a fan favorite at live shows. Why do you think it has become so popular?

Seung Kyu Lee : Just like all our other songs, it has a fucking great hook!

Minhyuk Oh : We have played the shit out of that song, so I guess that’s why everyone likes it!

Haema Kim : I reckon it’s probably because that song has a fucking amazing hook in it!

6. How did ‘Texas Song’ get its name?

Seung Kyu Lee : I named it. It is an anagram. It comes from ‘Sex at Nogs’. … Sorry, just kidding! It’s just a stereotypical song about Texas.

Haema Kim : No you didn’t! I named it. It is just a name for a song with a fucking great hook.

Minhyuk Oh : Ah, you guys are driving me fucking nuts.

7. The energy from your fans at live shows is always contagious to newcomers. How does that energy affect your performance?

Minhyuk Oh : Because I’m always watching the audience having so much fun I cannot concentrate on my performance. So, actually … I always make a lot of mistakes!

Seung Kyu Lee : I always think how cool everyone looks. I always think ‘shall I go and join those fuckers?’

8. Before recording of the new album began, you were playing gigs quite regularly. However, you took a hiatus during the recording earlier this year. How was the transition from playing so many live shows to writing/being in the studio? What was it like not playing live shows for such an extended period of time?

Seung Kyu Lee : It’s been ages since we played a show! I’m itching to get back out there and play again. We originally planned to be back playing shows in March, but recording took longer than we expected. I ended saying ‘thank God’ that we got it all done in time for the planned May release date.

Minhyuk Oh : How can we play and record at the same time? For us, I think it is impossible. So we just chose to record.

Haema Kim : Everything was planned perfectly by me!

9. What can fans expect from the new album?

Haema Kim : We look like idols on the album jacket.

Minhyuk Oh : The order of the songs is really good. It is very dramatic.

Seung Kyu Lee : Compared to the EP we released, you can listen to many longer melodies. There are more tracks too!

Jiwoong Jo : The photo editing on the artwork turned out great. This album is the best album we have produced in our entire history!

10. What are the best and worst things about being in ‘The Lads’?

Haema Kim : The best thing is that I can live without having to have serious thoughts about things! The worst thing is soon we will be screwed.

Minhyuk Oh : My life got so much more fun since being part of this band. The worst part is that I am the youngest in the band. I really want to hit the other guys, but sadly I have to suppress that urge.

Seung Kyu Lee : I love that I get to play the guitar, sing songs and get shouts and cheers from the audience. The worst thing is that I am starting to become a bit distant from my ‘local’ friends.

Jiwoong Jo : The best thing is that since joining the band I’ve had many more opportunities to use condoms! The worst thing is everything else besides that!

11. What do you guys fight about?

The Lads : We fight about all the normal things people fight about I guess. Bad jokes, etc.

12. Where do you see yourselves in 10 years’ time?

The Lads : All we know is that we will be 39, 33, 31 and 35 years old!

13. You can often be seen watching other bands play in Hongdae; who are your favorite indie rockers here in Korea?

Haema Kim : The Lads!

Seung Kyu Lee : There are so many bands I like here. Apart from the crap bands, I like them all!

Minhyuk Oh : All the teams I like have disappeared.

Jiwoong Jo : 4 Brothers.

14. If you could play with any band ever, who would it be, where would you play and why?

Haema Kim : If I could play with any band ever and anywhere, I would have to choose to play with Eastern Sidekick and Electric Eels at Club FF on May 16th 2014 at 7:30pm. That would probably be my perfect show!

Seung Kyu Lee : I would choose to play at a festival (any big festival) with Oasis. We would drink champagne together backstage. I’d be so damn happy!

Minhyuk Oh : I’d chose to play the Victoria’s Secret lingerie fashion show. We would play the music while the models walked down the catwalk.

Interviewers : Patrick Connor / Brian Gilbert (신기연)
Translation : Patrick Connor

'The Lads' Album Release Party :

Date : 5월 16일 토요일 19:30
Venue : 클럽 FF (서울)
Adv : 15,000
Door : 20,000
Bands : 이스턴 사이드킥(Eastern Sidekick), 전기뱀장어 (Electric Eels), 청년들 (The Lads)


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