Posted on August 26, 2015

Concert Preview

On Saturday, August 29th, the incomparable Baekma will hold their second album release party at DGBD. Less than a year after their first album, this dynamic band has already put together a set of new songs that will keep you dancing and leave you thinking at the same time. DoIndie asked Baekma what we could expect from the new album.

Baekma : Rage! Ruin! Repeat! is BaekMa's second full-length album. We've grown in confidence and focused many of the ideas described in the first album, so thefollow-up is angrier, more energetic and much more ambitious. We've tried to push the limits of our playing and what we can achieve in the studio with BA Wheeler and Ethan Waddell stepping in as engineers/producers. While perhaps angrier than Disaster Matinee, RRR is much more energetic and even poppier. We like to think some of you can get your groove on to this record.

As some of the members will be departing Korea soon, the band only has a few shows left, and they are one group that is sure to go out with a bang.  

Pic : Douglas Vautour

# The release show for Disaster Matinee was full of surprises. What do you have in store for this one?

Baekma : The show... how can we top a tuba player?! We're working on it though. Been watching a lot of motivational 80s montages to get inspired for some big, huggy, tearful celebrations at DGBD on the 29th of August! Hope to see you there!

Check out our original interview with the band and come out to DGBD on Saturday!

Date : Aug 29nd (Sat) 22:30
Venue : DGBD
Door : 10,000won
Guests : Nice Legs, Silica Gel

For more information on the band, check them out at the following sites :

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