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“Summertime and the livin’s easy.”

While George Gershwin certainly wasn’t conjuring 21st century Korea when he wrote those lyrics, I can’t think of a place that exemplifies “easy summer livin’” more than Busan. Even if you chance leaving town for a short trip to elsewhere on the peninsula, the easy life seems to follow. Indeed, for music lovers,it’s almost always a requirement to leave town to get down with any of the big summer festivals. Except, of course, when you’re lucky enough to have a big summer festival come to you. Enter Sunset Live… the best festival you’ve never heard of. My first Sunset was 4 years ago on the green slopes of Eden Valley Ski Park in Yangsan. Since then, it’s migrated to a grassy hill overlooking beautiful Songjeong Beach and the ocean beyond.

And although the lineup is once again packed with great acts, to me, the music isn’t the only reason we go. Without it, there wouldn’t be much an event, but going to this festival for the music alone is like going to Vegas just to check out neon lights. Sunset Live is awash in music, but it’s the sum total of the entire experience that makes it superior to many other festivals. It’s the extra-friendly t-shirt vendor;  it’s the hugs from festival friends you haven’t seen in a year; it’s the artists mingling on the grounds before and after their sets; it’s the unprompted after hours acoustic jam sessions and drum circles. Good lord - as I write it, it sounds hippy as hell and maybe it is. But after uncountable elbows to the ribs and stinkeye stares from ajeoshis on the subway, a little kumbaya is exactly what I need once a year.

In preparation for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I sat down with Kim Jong-Goon, one of the festival organizers, to try and find out what exactly goes into the strange-brew that is Sunset Live.

While Sunset Live is well known around Busan, perhaps people from other cities haven’t heard of it yet. Please introduce the festival for those folks.

Jong-Goon : The festival began in 2007, so this year is Sunset Live’s 8th yearl. It’s a regionally based festival created by musicians, producers, hardware companies(sound system companies, electric light company) and the audience. We feel it fits well with the summer season. This is not a huge scale of festival like other ones, but an eco-friendly festival with the motto "Let's love nature and humans." We're promoting a variety of events for the environment.

Sunset live is made by people who are engaged in the music industry, such as production agencies, indie labels, sound system experts, large festival production agencies, and band musicians. They all have made this festival happen.

Each year, Sunset Live has some theme that ties in all the acts. What is this year’s theme?

Jong-Goon : Last year, the theme was Korean reggae and ska music. This year, we're preparing a wide variety of genres like Reggae, ska, funk, disco, Hiphop MC and DJs. We're also going to serve various different foods including barbeque. And there will be an event with surfers. This event can only be seen in Song-Jeong Beach.

How do you always manage to keep the atmosphere so friendly and loose? Is it by design?

Jong-Goon : The biggest feature of the festival is there is no separation between the stage and the seats; the musicians and the audience. During the festival, producers, musicians and audience members can just enjoy everything together. This is the real fun that can only be experienced at Busan Sunset Live.

Usually, Sunset Live is held on a Saturday and Sunday at the end of August. This year it’s on Friday and Saturday… why the change? Are you worried about low attendance on Friday with many people working that day?

Jong-Goon : If the concert finishes at a late hour on Sunday, going to work on  Monday is so hard. so we rescheduled it for Friday and Saturday. We’re planning to decorate the stage on Friday with the concept "Bul-Geum {Fire Friday}" so that people can enjoy it until late at night. The music will include genres like DJs, Ska and Hip Hop.

By : Brian Kilrain
Translation : 장지영 (Ji Young Jang) / 양인규 (Ingyu Yang)
Editing :  이윤지 (YoonJi Lee)

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