Posted on May 22, 2014

Imagine a color that you cannot imagine. Now do that again and again and again. That is the perceived affect of of listening to Colours.  
Their usage of timing and harmony are anything but conventional.  Each player intently focused on their instrument. The audience in awe and bewilderment. Everyone involved is paying very close attention. And that is the nature of the music.  Swift change-ups marked by brutal baselines, shredding guitars, and a drumming with the ferocity to frighten a lion.  
This is Korea's Math Rock scene. Merely listening to a recording is not nearly enough to do it justice. One must be present and attentive to truly appreciate the wonder therein.

Buy / Listen to 'Synesthesia' :

To celebrate the release of their new ablum, Colours are having a CD release party at Jeng-iY Bar (Daegu)

Date : Sat May 31st 20:00
Venue : Jeng-iY
Door : 5,000
Bands : Colours, Dogstar, 0Sinho, The Plastic Kiz
Screen Printed Album : 10,000 won

DoIndie Event Page :

For more information on the band, please visit:

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DoIndie :






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