Posted on November 16, 2018



In the TV series "Star Trek", the Vulcans use a hand signal that means "Live Long and Prosper". There’s a band in Korea that makes the same signal to the audience as they come up to the stage. Their name is Moon Dancerz (MDSZ). The band name itself, their gestures of greeting, their costumes (which resemble space suits, complete with NASA logos) and their songs all sync together to represent MDSZ's futuristic and cosmic music style.



They were formed in 2015, and won the K-Rookies band competition in 2017. They are actively continuing to perform in 2018. Except for the vocalist Hong Fox, the members (guitarist Song Hyun Jong, keyboardist Kim Jin Young, bassist Cha E Huan and drummer Lim Chae Hwan) all met as students at Hanyang University.



What springs to mind when you think of the Universe? It may be glitter or a sense of spaciousness. MDSZ express everything they feel about the Universe in their music. This so-called ‘ electric galaxy hard rock machine’ band named their first and second albums ‘SAILOR MOON’ and ‘CASSINI’. These are both related to outer space, since Cassini was the name of the probe which investigated Saturn for 20 years before being destroyed. The band said they were inspired by its journey when they worked on their second EP.

Because of this young band's longing for space, we can enjoy cosmic dance music. They play rock music with an electronic sound and disco rhythm. The clear and balanced voice of Hong Fox shoots like laser beam straight out of  "Star Wars". The band is getting more and more attention from the public for their unique sound and solid style.



People often say their live gigs express more emotion than the recorded albums, and I agree. Of course it’s also more fun to jump and dance around at a gig. If you’re a lover of the galaxy, or if you’re starting to get a little interested in what I wrote, I hope you have chance to stop by a MDSZ gig. I’m pretty sure that you will love the band. The songs I want to recommend are ‘Starfall’ and ‘Spaceship’ from their first EP, and ‘6’ and ‘Cassini’ from the second EP. Let’s experience what outer space music sounds like.


Written by : Naeun Kim
English Translation : Songhee Roh
Edited by : Rock N Rose




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