Posted on March 31, 2017


April 1st is April Fool’s day. The arrival of warm spring weather in April always feels like a lie to me, as it seems too good to be true after a long winter. On April Fool’s day in Korea, university students often wear their old school uniforms, and men will often wear their military uniforms and head to university smiling and ready for a day of pranks. Some people debate about confessing their love for another at 11:59 pm on March 31st, because that way, if the person doesn’t share their feelings, they can save face by saying it was just an April Fool’s prank. I hope that April brings everyone some awesome news, so good that it’s hard to believe. Even if it is not something as spectacular as winning the lottery or finding out that the person you have a secret crush on also likes you, I hope that something cool happens for everyone in April. Even small things are worth celebrating. If you were asked to think of a song that is related to lying, what would you come up with? Check out what the DOINDIE team though of below. There are several different types of lies to be found in song:

[Lee Eun Chul - April Fool’s]

I think that everyone else will be talking about lies, but I am going to tell a story that is true, although pretty hard to believe. When I was in the first grade of high school, each Saturday we had to do a big cleanup of the school. One warm spring Saturday, a student from the class next door had climbed up onto the windowsill in the hallway and was wiping the window. After cleaning it he excitedly shouted out, ‘I’ve finished!’ and jumped down from the windowsill. This is where it gets a bit harder to believe… beneath him a mop had been left standing upright and the unfortunate boy landed ass first right on the tip of the handle with such force it went straight through his trousers, rupturing his rectum. He transferred to another school after that and we never saw him again. - Minjip Kim

[J-Rabbit - Happy Things]

The lyrics for ‘Happy Things’ feel a little like a lie, to me at least. For me, unlike in the lyrics in the song, when I really miss someone, there is no way they can really understand how I feel. Likewise, I have never had a day when my complexion is great and no matter what I wear the clothes look prettier than normal (it’s quite the opposite, in fact). It would be great if things always went smoothly and turned out how I expected but in this world things always go the opposite to how I want them to and life gets cluttered and twisted. One lyric in the song says this:

“Something that anyone can do. If you want a happy life. Just imagining this will make you happy. Don't forget! Happy happy things.”

Just like the lyrics suggest, I am going to try and imagine lots of good things. Then just maybe some unexpected happy things will happen to me too. I hope that anyone reading this article will join me this spring in doing as the lyrics say in ‘Happy Things’ and  imagining lots of happy things this spring. - Hansol Kim

[Wiretap in My Ear - Slave]

Honestly, the whole month of March was like a cruel lie. Where did all the excitement, romance and new connections that the new semester promised go? The only things awaiting us now are a load of work and a student life of homework and drinking.  Even before the spring flowers have appeared, it feels like we are slaves to the university. There are a lot of holidays to look forward to in May; that gives us a little strength to get through April! - Joobin Lee 

[Soran - Don’t Lose Weight]

I couple of lies I have been telling myself for two years now are “I am going to stop drinking so much” and “I am going to lose some weight”. When I was young, I was super skinny, so my parents gave me Chinese medicine to help me gain weight. But it didn’t do any good. However, once I got to university, I managed to put on 7kgs in just two months. Nevertheless, by the time night comes my stomach is rumbling and inevitably the phone rings and I end up heading out for something to eat and a couple of drinks. The next day (for reasons I swear I still cannot understand) my stomach is bulging and I’ve put on more weight. If I grumble about my weight to my friends, they all tell me that I look perfect as I am and not to worry about losing weight. But still, I get a bit gloomy about it. However, once I finish writing this, I have promised to head out and meet a friend for something to eat and a few drinks! - Hyemin Kwak

 [Ironic Hue - Lie]

‘It’s a lie, it’s a lie / you lied today, you will lie again tomorrow / you will lie the day after tomorrow as well / everything you say is a lie / we are stupid, we are stupid to believe you / but from where we sit, you are the stupid one’.  - Lyrics from the song

Cool guitar riffs and thick bass grooves and a snare sound that pierces straight through the heart. This is a powerful song that must have been written by someone who has been deceived by another person. Through the liar's eyes, we are the stupid ones, but from our point of view it is the person who is lying who is stupid. In Korea we say that when people lie as often as they eat hot dinners, they will not be able to get a good night's sleep. It is no doubt because of this that Choi Soon-sil had some kind of panic disorder. - Yesol Han 

[Minhwee Lee - Borrowed Tongue]

When I first heard that the singer from Mukimukimanmansu (Mansoo) had released a song under her real name, Minhwee Lee, I thought it must be a lie. She came back like a lie and fooled us with her wonderful song telling us about borrowed mouths and ears. The borrowed tongue does seem like a falsehood. The piling up of debts only leaves anxiety. That could be someone else’s story, but someday it could be mine as well. If that day ever comes, I would like to tell myself that there are no winners or losers here. - Yeonsik Chae



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