Posted on August 14, 2017


This summer, each new day has been hotter than the last, with the labels “all-time-high” and “record-breaking” becoming habitual. The government keeps asking how I’m doing, sending more text messages than even my friends do. “We are experiencing a heatwave. Since it will reach more than 36 degrees today, please refrain from outdoor activities, drink lots of water and be careful of your health.” In my opinion, it would be best if I just stayed home and turned on the air conditioner and fan while eating watermelon. However, I need money to do that, so I can’t stay home, so…

Even if it’s not to earn money, I guess a lot of us have to endure the heat of August instead of staying home. DOINDIE has prepared a few songs for those who are suffering from Korea’s hot and humid weather, so check out our August playlist:

1. The Moonshiners - Tropical Night

This song is from The Moonshiners’ debut EP [Uprising], which turns 10 this year! The summer tends to make me think of these four gentleman playing rock ‘n roll music with sweat in their slicked-back hair. If you just lay down on these hot tropical nights without anything on your mind, all you can think is “hot, hot, hot!” So, turn up the volume when you listen to this song and cool off with some 8-bit rock ‘n roll magic. - Kim Minjib

2. Cuckoo Crew - When it Rains, it Rains (Love & Peace version) 

Many people know Cuckoo Crew simply as a bit of a comic crew, but they boast some real musical ability. They are constantly releasing awesome work, including cover songs and original tracks for commercials. 'When it Rains, it Rains’ in particular is a masterpiece of a song. The lyrics are nice and simple but they might make the listener feel sad because they express a strong feeling of longing to see one’s beloved. Although it’s a sad song, Shin Donghoon, Chun Daegwang and Kim Jimin deliver the vocals in a very dry style; as dry as a rice field in a drought. It is a song that goes well with August’s intense heat and heavy rains. - Kim Hansol

3. Galaxy Express - Kerosene Lamp

Out of all the guilty pleasures in life, these must be my top three! The first is to turn up the air conditioner to the max in the summer months to make your room feel like it’s in the middle of Siberia, only to wrap yourself up in a really warm blanket to sleep. The second is to proudly tell everyone you are on a diet, only to order a high-calorie McDonalds’ delivery in the evening (of course, it’s important to not leave the house to get it yourself). The third is to pretend you are busy at work or studying all day, while in reality you are doing something fun! Let's add one more to the list of guilty pleasures: Slam to the music and immediately chill your sweat in a literally cool live club like FF. “Let’s party and dance all night long! Let’s burn all night so we can light up the darkness!” If you want to fight fire with fire, let’s run to the clubs for hot rockers’ gigs. - Han Yesol

4. Streetguns - Home Is Best (Kwak Hyemin)

During Korean summer it rains a lot and the days are so hot it makes the skin sticky and uncomfortable. So, before you head out, you have to brace yourself for the oncoming heat and take one last deep breath before facing the humid air. The best way to escape this terrible stifling heat is of course to just stay at home. For me, I stay home, crank the aircon and then sit on my bed listening to music, reading webtoons or surfing the internet. There is no other paradise quite like it if you want to fight the heat and humidity. "Home is best ~~~> <" - Kwak Hyemin

5. Night Tempo - Dreamy

There are a lot of images that can be used to represent genres such as City Pop, AOR, or J-FUNK, but if we narrow down our search to images that also represent summertime, there are a few which spring to mind. Palm trees, resorts, and spectacular sports cars parked along the beachfront conjure up that kind of summer; one that is cool and comfortable, lacking the humidity and sweat we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Just the warm sunshine and a temperature that allows us to take off our coats--that’s the kind of summer in this song. - Chae Yeonsik

6. Vassline - overture to recomposition

In the summer, we go to movie theaters to cool down our hot bodies, and to see films about ghosts that transcend nationality, filled with bloodshed. People overcome the heat with this kind of fear and spine-tingling creepiness. I think that rule works in music, too. When the creeps which Vassline and Jambinai give you travel up your spine to your brain, you will feel like the humid weather somehow got cooler for a moment. - Lee Jubin


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