Posted on June 30, 2017


[HateLog - My Color]

This is a newly released song. I think that hope is one of the greatest motivations in life. Some time ago, the slogan “Dreams Come True,” also an expression of hope, was trendy in Korea. We can strive for our dreams if we only have a little hope, even if it’s an empty hope. That’s exactly what this song is telling us. As the lyrics say, “I have dreamt of the glory of the future, but the reality is far from that. However, I will keep discovering new things, and I will keep discovering myself. I just have to believe in me.” I think we can reach our dreams if we keep running towards them. How lucky to achieve one’s dreams! - Kwak Hyemin

[Lee Jin Won - Lucky Man]

Lee’s debut album <Infield Fly> expressed his uniquely defeatist point of view as well as an apathetic attitude. So far this sounds like stereotypical indie music, but the difference is that he sang the songs about a frustrating reality in a hopeful voice. The fifth track off the album, ‘Lucky Man’, is the best example of this. Listening the song now, the lyrics “I’ll live until my very last day. I surely can do that,” touch my heart so painfully. Although he is gone now, his songs can still bring hope to the listener. - Kim Minjib

 [Tacopy - Queserasera]

Most people think that ‘que sera, sera’ means ‘whatever!’, but it’s more like “whatever will be, will be.” The song is yelling “Que Sera, Sera!!” to all those who are worried, hesitating, or stepping back. What is meant to happen is definitely going to happen, so you don’t have to worry about it; just live your life day by day. When you’re having a hard time and full of worries, I suggest that you put down everything for a moment and just shout “Que sera, sera, my youth; Que sera, sera, burning youth!” - Lee Jubin

 [Juck Juck Grunzie - Too Drunk To Fuck (Dead Kennedys Cover)]

When I used to practice guitar, Juck Juck Grunzie’s practice room was right next door. Every time I heard this song through the wall, I felt lucky all day. Dead Kennedys’ original song is like a hangover after a bout of seriously heavy drinking (they actually put vomiting sounds in the song!), but this cover version feels more like a sexy and tipsy wine. Let’s just dance all the way from the bass rhythm at the start to the synthesizer melody of the last part. This song just feels so damn good anyway, so it’s my lucky song. - Han Yesol

 [Windy City - Reggae Festival]

I once went to a festival as a journalist. The weather was fine, I was only moderately tired, the music was everywhere, and I was just enjoying hanging out. The pictures I took looked beautiful; and then,while just wandering around, I heard this song. Of course I couldn’t jump around and dance like other audience members, but I felt lucky that I had accidently met this great song. Over time, as I got older, my obsession with enormous luck decreased, and finally disappeared. Instead, I started to feel that it is good luck when I can just hang out with my people, eating and drinking. I wish this July would also be this kind of ‘lucky’ month. Of course it would be better if I accidently bumped into another great song like “Reggae Festival”! - Kim Hansol

 [Theoria - F for 160]

This song sounds like an intro to the bonus stage of some old video game, and it reminds me of my childhood. The genre of this msic is ‘footwalk’, and it literally brings to mind images of Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario, when I have to make the character walk fast. However, the song brings us out of this kind of reminiscence as it gets halfway, like when the boss suddenly shows up in the bonus stage. Then the song ends with a kind of dragging sound. Come to think of it, this was not actually a lucky song... - Chae Yeonsik

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