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One day at the end of a hot May, my friends in the DOINDIE team contacted me about the theme for June’s playlist feature. I then realised that we are pretty much halfway through the year already! So, with that in mind, we decided that the theme for this month would be ‘half’. Although it is probably a bit strange to be talking about the New Year now that it’s June, I was reminded of my New Year’s resolutions. Like most people I had lots of them: my plans included writing a diary, exercising often, drinking less and getting up early every day. Far from giving these a try for a few days and then giving up, I never even started most of them. I’ve just been living with regrets, like, ‘I should have done this, I shouldn’t have done that’, and somehow it’s already June. I don’t know why it is (I mean, I think I am living life well and doing lots of things), but I always feel like I’m not doing enough, that I’m lacking in some way. How have the first six months of 2017 been for you? Have you been having a good time? Do you have a plan for surviving the next six months? As for me, I’m going to cancel all my big plans and from June onwards I just want to live a simple life without any problems. Right now, we are halfway between spring and summer, so it’s a perfect time for the DOINDIE team to introduce the songs that remind them of the world ‘half’.

[Kyo(Lee Kyu-ho) - Second Quarter]

There are several things that have fans of all forms of entertainment begging for the next release. For example, in the world of comic books, "Hunter x Hunter" or "Berserk" always have people desperate for the next issue. TV viewers are pining for the new seasons of dramas such as “Game Of Thrones”. American soul singer Remy Shand made a wonderful debut album and then promptly disappeared, so fans who were desperate to hear more made a homepage called “Where's Remy Shand?” in the hopes of speeding things up. In Korea, Lee Kyu-ho could be viewed in a similar way to Remy Shand. After releasing his first album in 1999, he didn’t release any other music and hardly played any shows for another 15 years. The song I want to recommend for the playlist this month is a song called “Second Quarter” that was put out on a compilation album by Dream Factory called <Long live Dream Factory> in 2000. The song has bright lyrics about the emotions people go through when the season changes from spring to summer. This article will be published in June, but I am writing it in May. Have a listen and be reminded of sunny May days. - Minjip Kim

[Tame Impala - Half Full Glass Of Wine]

This song may have been released in 2008, but is really a modern day version of 1968-style psychedelic rock. The overall feel of the song is bright and cheerful, but if you take a look at the lyrics, you will see that the theme is not. 'Said you wouldn't be home late tonight. I gave up waiting at seventeen past midnight. Now my only company's a half full glass of wine. You leave me no choice but to plot my revenge'. I like the lyrics, because they are a little geeky, but so brutally honest. It gives off the feel that the singer is complaining that although he is not the kind of person to wait around for someone, that is exactly what he finds himself doing. As the song reaches it climax, it as if he has finally reached his limit. The surreal feel of the music video, produced in the chroma key technique, is also really cool. - Yesol Han

[Fana - Decalcomania (feat. The Barberettes)]

If I cut my age in half, I would be in elementary school. At that time, I would have been having fun by painting half a butterfly in my sketchbook and then, in a process called decalcomania, folding over the page to print the other half and thus complete the butterfly on the next page. This song uses decalcomania as a metaphor and is about a couple who spend so much time together they end up resembling one another. Although I am not at a marriageable age yet, I do sometimes find myself thinking about my future marriage. I hope I will meet a good person who can complete a beautiful decalcomania-esque life with me. Seeing as the song is emotional, I have pretended to be an emotional person as well! :) - Hyemin Kwak

[Huckleberry Finn - You are Being Chased]

As you get older, time seems to move even faster. This year, time seems to have passed by faster than ever. I have been leading such a busy life this year that I didn’t even realise half of 2017 had already disappeared. Looking back at the part of the year that has passed, I can’t seem to recall any happy memories of picnics and looking at flowers. It has just been lots of stress and tiredness. I don’t know what it is, but it feels like something has just been chasing me around. I want to go to lovely, peaceful Jeju Island and ride a scooter along the coastal roads. If I do not do this soon, I might just melt away. - Joobin Lee

 [Rabbit Hunter - Drama]

I remember January 1st, 2017. Although I was trying to ignore the turn of a new year, I did end up making a few resolutions. I have managed to keep to a few of them, but most of them have fallen by the wayside. In some cases, the overall goal was just too big; in others, I simply did not try hard enough. I am doing lots of this and that, but it seems like something is missing from my life. Things are ok, but not perfect either. Nowadays, it seems like it is a popular thing to say how hard or exhausting one's life is. 'My life is like a drama, but one with a bad ending. It is not the life I was looking forward to. My life is a drama, but one with a sad ending. I hate the main character of this drama.’ These lyrics feel like they are about me. What does the rest of 2017 hold in store? It’s hard to guess, but I hope that the rest of the year is not as sad as the lyrics in this song! - Hansol Kim 

 [Golden Doodle - Round Robin]

‘When I think about the concept or state of 'half', it makes me think of a story from a childhood textbook. In the story, children are talking about the amount of water that is left in a cup. Some of the kids look at the cup and speak negatively about the fact that it is only half full.  The book suggests that those who look at it in a positive light, as being a cup half full, will live a better, more successful life. The book felt a bit like a clumsy public service campaign. I don’t know if this story is still being taught in the education system these days, but thinking about it now, I don’t think there was any character in the story who was satisfied with just the half cup of water. They all wanted more, or were complaining about there not being enough. If there had been a character in the story who was happy with just the half cup of water as it was, that person would probably be someone who enjoys the spring and the sunrise; someone who can live at peace with the world and its ambiguity. - Yeonsik Chae 

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