Posted on May 20, 2014

Band Introduction Concert Preview Article

Bands are supposed to leave their audience with a distinct impression. Powerful bands are able to sear their sound and image into the memories of each person in the room and sweep them up in the frothy rapture of sonic bliss. For an hour, the buttoned down saleryman becomes a screaming groupie, losing themselves within the seething masses and pounding waves of audial overload.

Different bands achieve this type of singularly affecting performance in different ways. Some prefer a stripped down look and strong focus on energy and musicianship. Some write music so complex and intricate that their overwhelming technical prowess serves to shock and awe the listener. Still others use gimmicks, costumes, and props to liven up their show and add a festive and special atmosphere to each performance. However it is that a band connects to their audience, those who are able to achieve this extraordinary connection through the atmosphere they create are both rare and precious talents.

Emergency Call Equipment, or ECE, is an art punk group based in Seoul who richly deserves their classification as a remarkable band able to deeply affect even the most casual of observer. Through the use of strong visuals and the distinct presence of their front man, Dong Yong Kim, ECE have mastered their sound and style. Dong Yong’s unique voice, ranging from low, guttural growls to high, squeaky yelps, enhances the restless feeling their song instills in the listener. It’s something like the sensation of wanting to dance but not knowing how, so just twitching and spasming along with the music. The guitar and drums join in the raucous clash of acute angles bumping into one another; molecules suddenly jumping into frenzy when you increase the heat. They are a band that certainly makes an impression. They are also a band I implore you to check out as soon as it is humanly (or molecularly) possible.

We are pleased to say that ECE will be playing at DoIndie's show 'FWD Vol. 1' :
Date : 26th April @ 21:00
Venue : Club FF (Hongdae)
Cover : 15,000
Line Up : ECE / Black Bag / Smacksoft / The Killer Drones

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