Posted on June 04, 2014

Electric Eels have released their new EP ‘너의 의미’ [I Think Of You]. The band originally formed back in 2009. They released their debut EP '충전' [Charge] in 2011 and a follow up EP '최신유행' [The Latest Trend] in 2012. Their second EP was quickly followed by the bands first full length album '최고의 연애' [Best Romance], which was also released in 2012. The band gained an almost cult following with their energetic live performances and their appearances on EBS Space Gong-Gam’s ‘Hello Rookie’, KT&G’s ‘Band Incubating’ and KOCCA’s ‘K-Rookie’ (which they won).

The new EP is a 6 track mini album. The title track is called '술래잡기' [Hide and Seek]. Compared to their previous material this new EP is a new, more sedate sound for the band.

Buy 'I Think Of You' (Digital) :

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Buy 'I Think Of You' (Physical Copy)  :

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..Electric Eels CD Release Party :

Date : 19th July (Sat) @ 21:00
Venue : SangSang Madang Live Hall
Adv : 33,000won (Interpark)
Door : 44,000won

For more information on the band, check them out on the following websites :

Facebook :
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DoIndie :
Official Site :
Cyworld :


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