Posted on June 02, 2014

Solutions, who gained popularity play playing, playing and playing some more at shows and festivals around the country have released their second album. The new album signals a change in direction for the band and their sound. The title track on the 10 track album is called ‘Movements’.

Buy 'Movements' (Digital) :

Daum ← Click
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Olleh ← Click
Bugs ← Click
Genie ← Click
M-Net ← Click
Melon ← Click

Buy 'Movements' (Physical Copy)  :

Hyang Music ← Click
Yes Asia (International Delivery) ← Click
Yes 24 ← Click
Aladin ← Click
Kyobo Bookstore (Online) ← Click

For more information on the band, check them out on the following websites :

Facebook :
Twitter :
DoIndie :
Official Site :


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