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If you’re into politics, 2016 was most likely a shit year for you. The year that brought us corruption at the highest levels of Korean government, Brexit in the UK, Trump in the USA, increasing tension between China and Japan, and the ascendance of the ultra-right in Europe. And that’s not even mentioning all the rest of the insane, venal, or just plain bad leaders around the world who govern our societies. 2016 was also a shit year if you happen to have been a music legend. Our childhood heroes seemed to be passing away on a daily basis; so much so that one imagines the risk of dying at any minute must have hung over them every day like that cloud of smog hangs over Beijing. Thankfully though, it was not all bad. Lot’s of great things happened in 2016 as well, such as...I mean...some movies were good? Have you seen Moonlight? I haven’t, but I heard it came out in 2016 and was good. So there’s that. And of course there were a load of fantastic EPs and Albums released by musicians, new and old, from all around the world. Korea was no different, and 2016 saw some amazing releases from both new artists on the scene as well as some of the longer serving stalwarts.

As sure as night follows day, the end of the year means everyone is putting out their ‘best of’ lists. Of course, we all have our own personal ‘best of’ list, but we at DOINDIE want to see who you, our faithful readers. thought had the best release of the year. After all, the fans, not the critics, are the most important people out there. Without the fans, bands would have no one to play for and no one to give them the energy and inspiration to produce their art.

So, after the success of last year’s voting contest, we decided to run it again to learn our reader’s favorite EPs & Albums of 2016. We spent December compiling a list of every indie album and EP released in 2016 that we could find (there were so many more releases than even we’d realised! That’s always exciting!). Musicians put their heart and soul into their work and often don’t receive the credit or recognition (or payment) they deserve in the current music environment. It’s impressive that despite the hardships of being an indie musician working in Korea, they continue to put forth such extraordinary effort to produce such high quality music across a wide range of genres. After working hard to promote indie musicians here at DOINDIE, we feel we’re beginning to understand the many problems these artists face to get their music out there to their fans.

And that’s why we set up this vote in the first place. We know it’s a little bit of a popularity contest, (of course, the bands with the most fans are likely to pick up the most votes) … but still, it’s a good bit of fun and it’s great to see fans getting together to support their favorite bands and musicians.

We weren’t really expecting much of a response, but just like last year, we were overwhelmed by the positive reaction and the sheer numbers in which people voted. We had over 1,000 individual voters who registered 3,215 votes between them. It was great to see so many people supporting their favorite bands. Thank you to everyone who participated and showed their love!

Below are the top 10 EPs of 2016, as voted on by the fans. You can see the winners of our EP of the year contest by clicking here.

< EP Of The Year 2016 - As Voted for by the Fans >

1. <Boys Be Hans> : The Hans

(262 votes)

Buy music by The Hans :

Digital : Monkey3Music | Naver Music | Olleh Music | Bugs | Genie | M-Net | Melon

2. <jolly.> : Fling

(233 votes)

Buy music by Fling :

Digital : Monkey3Music | Naver Music | Olleh Music | Bugs | Genie | M-Net | Melon

Physical CDs : Yes 24 | Aladin | Kyobo Bookstore (Online) | Hyang Music | Yes Asia

3. <Starfall> : Kamchan Kang

(162 votes)

Buy music by Kamchan Kang :

Digital : Monkey3Music | Naver Music | Olleh Music | Bugs | Genie | M-Net | Melon

4. <Line> : The VANE

(152 votes)

Buy music by The VANE :

Digital : Monkey3Music | Naver Music | Olleh Music | Bugs | Genie | M-Net | Melon

5. <SAVE ME> : Pieta

(148 votes)

Buy music by Pieta :

Digital : Monkey3Music | Naver Music | Olleh Music | Bugs | Genie | M-Net | Melon

Physical CDs : Yes 24 | Aladin | Kyobo Bookstore (Online) | Hyang Music | Yes Asia

6. <The bottom of heart > : Sons of Tiger

(142 votes)

Buy music by Sons of Tiger :

Digital : Monkey3Music | Naver Music | Olleh Music | Bugs | Genie | M-Net | Melon

7. <Spaceship Out Of Bones> : RAW BY PEPPERS

(95 votes)

Buy music by RAW BY PEPPERS :

Digital : Monkey3Music | Naver Music | Olleh Music | Bugs | Genie | M-Net | Melon

Physical CDs : Yes 24 | Aladin | Kyobo Bookstore (Online) | Yes Asia

8. <Lost In A Dream> : Chohyun

(87 votes)

Buy music by Chohyun :

Digital : Monkey3Music | Naver Music | Olleh Music | Bugs | Genie | M-net | Melon

Physical CDs : Yes 24 | Aladin | Kyobo Bookstore (Online) | Hyang Music



9. <A Wail > : PAKK

(79 votes)

Buy music by PAKK :

Digital : Bainil | Bandcamp | iTunes

Physical Tapes : Gimbab Records | Hyang Music

10. <Warm Advice > : Variantia

(69 votes)

Buy music by Variantia :

Digital : Monkey3Music | Naver Music | Olleh Music | Bugs | Genie | M-Net | Melon


You can see the full results here :


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