Posted on October 02, 2018

Concert Preview

Kim Sawol No Mic

Kim Sawol

Date - 2018.10.03 (Wed) 16:00PM
Venue - Blue Monday

Cover - ADV 10,000 KRW
Link -




Anita Parker Korea Tour 2018

Anita Parker The Rodeos Browsing Collections 


Date - 2018.10.05 (Fri) 11:00PM
Venue - Strange Fruit

Cover - Free





NTS Live From Seoul

Mogwaa Cifika JNS | C'est QuiSoulscape

Date - 2018.10.06 (Sat) 4:00PM / After Party 10:00PM
Venue- Modeci

Cover - Free (Purchase from the Carhartt WIP store on the day needed for afterparty)



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