Posted on June 22, 2018



Green Plugged Seoul is a music festival held every Spring at Nanji Han River Park in Seoul. With the theme ‘good thoughts and small actions for tomorrow,’ the festival began in 2010 from a concern about how everyone can live beautifully.

Well known as ‘the festival for love and conservation of nature,’ one of Green Plugged Seoul’s many features is that it is held in a location once used as a landfill site for garbage (until the end of the 20th century), but is now preserved as an ecological park. In addition to a desertification prevention campaign called ‘Project 40,’ Green Plugged Seoul makes all of its print using environment-friendly recycled paper and soy ink. It has successfully ensconced itself as the environmental campaign music festival of Spring.

At Green Plugged Festival, one can enjoy various genres of music such as rock, hip-hop, R&B, electronic as well as indie music. It is composed of seven stages called Busking, Earth, Moon, Picnic, Sky, Sun and Wind. In the Spring of 2018, three Doindie editors went along to this ‘green’ festival to check out the countless domestic and international musicians on offer.



Green Plugged Seoul 2018





Written by: Robin YeongGuk Jo, Soyeon Kim, Jihye Jang


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