Posted on May 17, 2014

Hollow Jan released their first album [Rough Draft In Progress] way back in 2006. They gained a lot of acclaim and an almost cultish following. However, after releasing their 1st album, the band took an 8 year break. They have recently reformed and original members...

Vocal : 임환택 [Lim Fwan Takk] Guitar : 이광재 [Lee Kwang Jae] Bass : Jeong Dong Jin [정동진]

have been joined by new members... Guitar : 서한필 [Seo Han Pill] Drums : 류명훈 [Ryu Myoung Hoon] FX : 김성출 [Kim Sung-Chul]. Hollow Jan, in their new guise, have recently released a new album [Day Off]. The album is based around the concept of ‘death’.

Buy 'Day Off':

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