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In The Endless Zanhyang We Are
From the left: Geonseok (bass) Haram (guitar) | Dayoung (vocal) | Sunghoon (drum)



May 27th
by Sunghoon

So the last day of tour with Eyre Llew has come. Time flies… Today we played at Dot To Dot Festival in Nottingham. To get there we left early in the morning. As soon as we arrived, we had to hand out flyers to advertise our shows. We put them on tables in each of the venues and handed them out to people as they were picking up their tickets. I wanted to chat to each person we handed our flyers to but, but since my English is lacking, the only thing I could say was, "Hi! this is our band. We have a gig tonight at Brew Dog!"



We came across a small truck in the middle of the street, they had kitted it out with amps and drums, etc so people could perform in it. They also made a live recording and pressed it to vinyl on site. All you had to do was reserve a spot, so we thought we would give it a try. We went up and played two songs. It was interesting to play in such a small and cramped place. The whole truck seemed to shake whenever I hit the drums. After we were done we had one of the tracks pressed to vinyl. It was a nice souvenir.



Just before our own performance at Brew Dog, we went to see Eyre Llew play their show at a massive venue. We watched from the balcony on the second floor. For the climax of their last song we threw beach balls down into the crowd. Then the audience started throwing them around, which made for a cool atmosphere. Eyre Llew really shines on a big stage. As I heard the last song, the fact that our tour was almost done really hit me hard.


Eyre Llew @ Nottingham

After Eyre Llew's concert, we performed our own show at Brew Dog. And the reaction was amazing! During the last song Dayoung climbed up on the seats at the back of the stage to take some pictures of the audience. Everyone was going nuts. That gave us a lot of energy and confidence. After we were done loads of people came over to us to tell us how much they had enjoyed our set. After packing up, we went to Sam's house in Nottingham and wrapped up our day.


In The Endless Zanhyang We Are @ Brew Dog, Nottingham



May 28th

Today was the last day of our UK tour! Yesterday I took a listen to the instant vinyl that we had recorded on the truck at Dot To Dot, and since our song was too long, the recording had stopped suddenly, just as the song got to the best part! :(

Since we were performing in Nottingham again today, we took our time in preparing. We had a good amount of free time today, so Patrick went climbing and we went off with Sam to eat a hamburger. It turned out to be the most expensive hamburger ever, about 13 Pounds! I felt bad that we ate an expensive meal without Patrick. Hopefully he at least enjoyed climbing...

After enjoying our down time in the city, we headed down to Acoustic Rooms, the venue for our performance today. It was an open mic night there and everyone except us was doing acoustic performances. It was a cool evening featuring performances for a diverse range of people, old and young.

Seeing as we were the only ones playing a full band set, once it was our turn, we completely changed the atmosphere of the night. People were really digging it and we even got a few dancers. The reaction yesterday was great, but I think today was even better! When the last song was over, people were cheering wildly. After the show, many people came to compliment us and ask me things about my playing style. I was stoked to see how our songs could move people like that. When we finished packing up our instruments, it really hit us that the UK leg of the tour was done. It was tough having to say goodbye to Eyre Llew. Before parting ways we we went to the riverside to have a chat and drink some beer, and we exchanged each other's band shirts and albums. We hugged each other hard before really saying goodbye to each other. ;(


On the last day of tour exchange - In The Endless Zanhyang & Eyre Llew 



May 29th

Today we went back to Patrick's parents house! Before leaving today, Sam came to meet us for the last time. For lunch, we went to Tesco, a place we have visited relentlessly during the tour, to buy some ingredients to make sandwiches. We sorted all our baggage, and I passed out as soon as I lay down on the bed. I woke up around supper time, and today Patrick's father cooked pasta for us! Patrick's niece also joined our supper today. The pasta was great!

After supper, we gave Patrick's parents and niece our band t-shirts as a gift. Since Patrick's parents are leaving early in the morning, today would be the last day to see them... There have been so many people who helped us during the tour and I was sad to be saying goodbye to them all. Time flies, it seems so heartless. One thing I realized during the UK tour is that British people express what they feel during gigs more honestly than Korean people do. I think such positive energy of the British people motivated us to perform and helped us overcome any fatigue. My heart has grown fond of the UK as time has gone by, and I would like to stay longer next time we come. I don't want to go home ;(



May 30th
by Geonseok

Since we depart early in the morning to Spain, we headed to Brighton to stay for a night at Patrick's friend Damien's house, as it is closer to the airport. We jumped in the car fully loaded with luggage, drove four hours to Damien's house, unloaded our bags and went straight to the downtown of Brighton.

It was quite a different vibe from when we were there for The Great Escape Festival. Back then, since it was a festival, the town was crowded with people, but today it was much quieter. I like less crowded and serene places, so it was nice. We all decided to go shopping since it was our last day in the UK! We went around to buy some stuff, but we didn’t have much time because in the UK most stores close around six or seven in the evening. We didn’t manage to buy much.


Sunghoon & Geonseok @ Brighton

Of course, our last destination was Tesco!! We all wanted to buy loads of chocolate to take back to Korea with us. We ended up spending about 25 pounds each just on Cadbury’s chocolate! I can't wait to let my friends try it all. So the shopping was done and we headed back to Damian’s place to chill.

Many thoughts went through my head as I lay down. I was both excited to be going to Spain and sad to be leaving the UK. We’ve had a lot of amazing experiences here in the UK; it has been unforgettable. I am so very thankful for all the help we got from so many different people. Also, I’m thankful that everyone seemed to love our music as well. I’m glad to be able to finish the UK tour without having had any major problems. I hope to finish the remaining performance in Spain safely too.



May 31st

We took a flight at nine in the morning for Barcelona. We have all been looking forward to taking part in the Primavera Sound Festival! It is amazing to be able to perform at a festival with so many other incredible artists. We arrived at Barcelona airport, loaded our cargo on the van provided by the festival and headed to our accommodation. We planned to go to see the festival after checking in, unpacking and eating lunch. Our first meal in Spain was a kebab:)

It was pretty decent, but due to its massive size, I couldn’t finish it… After lunch near our hotel, we decided to walk toward the festival since it took only 20 to 25 minutes from the hotel, and we could then enjoy the sights and sounds of Barcelona on the way.

On the way we walked down the beach. The weather was very different from that of the UK, and it was very hot. I wanted to just dive into the water, but I just about managed to restrain myself. When we arrived at Primavera Sound Festival there were sooooo many people. We found the merch tent and displayed our stuff to sell, then headed off to explore and find the stage we would be playing on.

The stage we will perform on tomorrow is called the ‘Night Pro’ stage. It was a pretty big stage and at first, I felt some pressure to be playing there. I don’t normally get nervous, but I guess the excitement I felt after seeing the stage turned into nervousness...

After handing out our flyers to promote the show we headed off to have some beers and check out some other bands. It was two in the morning by the time we went back to the hotel. Once back I checked out some of the videos I had shot while we were there; the emotion I felt still lingers in my mind.

I can’t wait to perform tomorrow.



June 1st

Today we had our first show in Spain!

Our show was forty minutes long, from 22:00 to 22:40.

We woke up early in the morning and ate breakfast at the hotel we were staying at. After organizing our stuff, we headed down to CCCB, where we will perform tomorrow. The CCCB stage is a showcase style of performance, where bands from all over the world come to perform! We spent time handing out our flyers there as well. And oh! I was so happy that I could drink another free beer..;)

After spending time over there, we went back to the hotel and had supper. We got some rest, got prepared and hopped on the van to go to the venue! When we arrived at the venue, 3rd Line Butterfly was rehearsing. I got nervous. It was the biggest stage we had played on so far during the tour, and I was excited that I was going to perform at such a prestigious music festival. After setting up my instruments, I got changed and drank a can of beer. When I finished my beer, our turn had come.


@Night Pro, Primavera Sound 


The show ended so fast. We were all so sad that it was over. Probably since everyone was nervous, we made a couple of mistakes. However it was such a satisfactory performance. The support we got from everyone there and the size of the crowd really empowered and energized us! Although we were so sad that it was over, we went back to the hotel on a high. Once we had dropped off our gear we headed back to the festival to see some of the other amazing bands performing.

When we came back to the hotel, it was five in the morning..

What are we going to do with our performance tomorrow..?



June 2nd
by Dayoung

Okay. Today is the very last day of the tour. Yesterday’s show was held at night, and today’s show was held in the early afternoon. Since most of the shows I wanted to check out myself were in the evening, it was perfect that we were playing in the day.

Since I personally was not very satisfied with last night’s performance (I was feeling pretty worn down), I didn’t stay out too late yesterday. I had to sacrifice seeing Arca’s show…:( Thankfully that paid off and today I was in much better shape. So good that I felt like I could do anything!

Today’s show was held in CCCB, next to where Primavera Sound Festival was held, and since it’s a showcase style festival, we could meet other bands from all over the world.

After eating breakfast, we got in the van, arrived at the venue and started setting up our gear. I wish that time would fly while we set up our stuff. It is a nightmare dealing with all the cables and making sure everything is working properly. Today, seeing as it was the last show on the tour, I triple checked everything.

So then the show was done, the tour is done. Despite today's show being a long way from the main festival site, there were a surprising amount of people there to watch. We were the last of the Korean bands to play. Everytime I go up on the stage and begin setting up, my heart beats very fast. What hand gestures should I make today? What body gestures should I make today? How will we come across today?

Once or twice during the show, all the moments of the last month passed through my head. Everyone whom I got to meet, everyone who came to me to say hi after shows, the bright green landscape I saw out the window of the car. My heart became melancholic, and it felt as if it had all been a long dream. I gained so many experiences over the last few weeks. I feel like we are so lucky to have gotten to do this. We finished our show feeling happy and thrilled (the overflow of adrenaline!).



@CCCB, Primavera Sound


After drinking some beers, I went to see some other shows. Seeing as today was the last day I decided not to hesitate about eating and doing whatever I wanted.

Primavera is a great festival. The level of bands on the line up and the excitement of the festival atmosphere prove that. As well as being a festival where you can see superstars it is also a place where people can witness some of the best up-and-coming talent as well. Thanks to that, I was able to see the live performances of musicians I did not know of before. I saw with my own eyes that there are so many different types of music in the world and that people are really interested to discover it. It has given me the confidence to keep going.

After seeing some of the shows I wanted to catch, we headed back to the hotel. On the way we stopped by a kebab restaurant to eat and talked about the experiences of the tour. One thing that I became certain of is that I want to explore and enjoy this large world. The tour has made me more curious about everything. We came back to our accommodation and started packing up. It’s time to wake up from our dream!



June 3rd

As soon as we woke up in the morning, we ate breakfast at our accommodation. It felt like it was some sort of a ritual before a long flight. Since I had to fly alone today, the others guys stayed at the hotel while I prepared to leave.

The van that was supposed to take me to the airport didn’t arrive in time, and I was just kind of standing in the lobby looking a bit awkward. I was waiting for the van with another band from Italy. The person in charge of communication told us he couldn’t get in contact with the driver, and he didn’t know why the van wasn’t coming. It was a thirty minute drive from the accommodation to the airport, and there was an hour and a half remaining until the end of check-in time. We waited for the van for 30~40 more minutes, but since the van still didn’t arrive, we jumped in a cab.

Fortunately(?), the flight was delayed, so I safely made it onto the plane. I had to transit in France, so I could spend four hours alone in the airport in France. I realized that it was my first time spending time alone in a month. I’m good at being alone (I actually love it), and so I spent a good few hours entertaining myself at the airport. While drinking tea and thinking about this and that, I sent a few messages to Eyre Llew to say bye and tell them about our shows in Spain.

One of the reasons we were so happy on the tour was that we got to meet so many nice people and were helped by loads of people too. I came to think again about how thankful I was to be able to get such help. I was very grateful for all the days I spent laughing with new friends, and thankful to all the people that helped us have a really successful tour. My heart is filled with gratitude!

I vowed to myself that when I get back to Korea I will live life a little more and make sure I do all the things I want to do. I would like to start work on the split EP with Eyre Llew as soon as possible. Devoting time and effort to something like that is very natural to me. It has been a long time though since I have felt such conviction and hope about what’s yet to come. Goodbye and hope I see you again soon!


On the last day



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