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In The Endless Zanhyang We Are
From the left: Geonseok (bass) Haram (guitar) | Dayoung (vocal) | Sunghoon (drum)



May 4th
by Dayoung

I began packing little by little.

Today when I looked at the travel adapter, the last item I put in my suitcase, I realized that this is really happening.

Our plane departs on Sunday evening and lands the next morning, and only a couple of days after our arrival, our tour finally faces its commencement. It feels quite unreal to think that we will soon be able to meet and play with Eyre Llew, even more than the fact that we are heading to the UK. The tour felt so distant since we’ve been preparing since winter, but now it has finally stepped on our threshold.

Last week we held our last performance in Korea, and I feel grateful to the people I hadn’t seen in a long time. And now, we’re going to the UK for a long tour involving many performances, with the good energy we received.

Our goal is to come back safely, in good shape and healthy.

Please don’t let me forget to bring my passport (now I won’t, since I just wrote it)!



May 7th
by Haram

We were originally scheduled to depart on the afternoon of July 7th, but the flight was changed to midnight. We gathered at the airport at 8pm, organized our instruments and merchandise in our separate bags, and prepared to board the plane.

It felt unreal, even as I was waiting to board.

I slept for well over half a day during the flight. We transited at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and landed at London Heathrow at last. Patrick greeted us gladly with a red blush on his face, probably because of the hot sun.

I was awed by the fresh air that is quite different from that in Seoul. I loaded my bags in the rental car, which will be our feet for a month.

We spent our first night at Patrick’s parents’ beautiful house in Banbury. Thankfully they decided to help us out on the days we don’t perform. We owe them greatly for our tour. Thank you so much.

Our first gig will be held in Bristol on May 9th. Before that, we will spend time with Patrick’s family and do some maintenance.



May 8th

From tomorrow, we will be leaving Patrick’s parents cozy house for a week. There will be performances in Bristol, Wrexham, Cambridge and London, and tomorrow we’ll go camping. I brought my sleeping bag and prepared my mind, so I don’t really worry about it, but I hope it doesn’t rain…

In the UK, there is a big supermarket chain all over the place called Tesco. They sell all sorts of stuff, and they are very cheap. After looking around a bit, I guess we’ll be eating bread for a month. Ha ha!

After buying a few simple snacks and an airbed, we went to look around the Cotswolds. This is a quiet area with many beautiful old buildings. There are several towns in this area, both small and big, and lots of tourists (70 percent of them were white-haired ladies and gentlemen).

We stopped in a village called Bourton-on-the-Water, and enjoyed the quiet and beautiful scenery. I wondered if we would ever experience such a peaceful time in the future. In Korea, most of the stores play music through either a radio or speakers, but here I could barely could find any similar place.  It was such a peaceful time.



May 9th

We packed up early in the morning and set off. I cut down our load as much as possible, but since we always have to bring along our musical instruments, there was soon no space left in the trunk, so we had to hug our instruments and get into the car. After a couple of hours I felt an ache in my butt, but enjoyed the beautiful scenery we passed by.

We arrived at the campsite around lunch time. It was a serene place with nothing but grass. We set up a tent and an airbed, and headed straight to Bristol.

Bristol was the first city we visited. It was the moment that I really realized we were in England. After parking the car in an old building, we met Eyre Llew. During our month-long tour, we will go on various gigs and festivals together. And Eyre Llew will visit Korea this Autumn too, to go on tour with us. My heart pounded as I imagined the time spent with such people of good energy.

In the evening, people started gathering at the venue called ‘Mother’s Ruin.’ In Korea, almost everything except musical instruments is usually provided at venues, but it seemed different here in the UK. It’s the sort of system where we need to set up everything except the pair of monitor speakers and a PA system. (This is why Eyre Llew bought a van, so they can load their instruments such as amps, drums, and piano. We’ll get to share their instruments, so we can perform too).


@Mother's Ruin, Bristol


We performed first. It was a small stage. It was our first performance in a long time, and the members seemed stuck, probably due to the unfamiliar environment. But as we started to find our shape and focused on it as usual, when we finished our last song, many people were watching us and applauded us loudly, with lots of cheers. I think we finished well for the first gig.

Eyre Llew, who went up on stage last that night, gave a tremendous live performance far beyond our expectations. I was thrilled to be able to go on tour with them. I had such a good time there - the beer was delicious, and the music was great. It seemed to help us forget all the arduousness we’ve undergone.

It was raining outside when the concert was over.



May 10th

The world seemed to freeze. At five o’clock in the morning, I opened my eyes in the damp air, wrapped up my sleeping bag and tent, and we moved to Wrexham, Wales, where our next gig would be held. After four hours, we arrived at the studio, located in the university in Wrexham. They were live streaming performances and interviews with artists who are participating in FOCUS Wales 2018. We played live for 20 minutes, and our performance and interview were broadcast on the FOCUS Wales’ Youtube channel.


@glyndwr, Wrexham


We went straight into the city where the festival will be held, and checked into Ty Pawb, where we had our show today. Today, we performed with Korean bands National Pigeon Unity and DTSQ on the Zandari Festa stage.

The two teams gave great performances, as usual. Unlike the club stage, it was a bright place and a lot of delegates were present. We had to exert ourselves harder than usual in order to appeal to them. Under the white fluorescent light we were a little nervous but came down after a satisfying performance. Afterwards, one of the delegates came and told us that our set was among the best. We were very appreciative but we were not very convinced, because the other teams also gave great performances.

However, every time we greeted people passing by, they complimented us with a similar expression. I was very glad. I was able to pull myself together once again.



May 11th

Today Eyre Llew’s stage will be held at FOCUS Wales. For two days at the festival, we will be attending other artists’ performances and conferences, and communicating with people from all over the world.

Today, we’ve been hearing many compliments on our performance yesterday. It was simply astonishing.

We went to see Eyre Llew’s gig and to help them set up. They have the power to draw the focus of all the people standing in front of them at once. I have come to expect them to perform on huge stages in front of numerous audiences some day. They will, for sure.


@Focus Wales Festival, Wrexham


All our appointments were over, and it started to rain again. We enjoyed a few sets of other musicians, came back to our accommodation, and had a good time drinking beer. Unlike on stage, Eyre Llew are such hilarious people. Hope our English skills get better so we can become closer to them! ^^



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In The Endless Zanhyang We Are
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English Translation: Robin YeongGuk Jo
Edited by: Rock 'N' Rose


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