Posted on May 19, 2014

Ironic Hue, who released their debut album (Into The Mirror) way back in 2007 have returned to the stage and have just released a brand new album titled 'For Melting Steel'. Ironic Hue's first album was well received by critics and fans alike, but the break up of their label '에그뮤직 [Egg Music]' meant they had to suspend work on their new material. As a result, the band took a break from making new music (which lasted for almost 7 years) and spent a long time deciding if they should even carry on as a band or not, thankfully they decided to keep going and have finally returned with their new album.

Ironic Hue returned to the stage after a long absence at 2013's Zandari Festival and began to play regularly again / prepare their new album in earnest. The result is a new 9 track album (For Melting Steel) which signifies a new start for the band. After their long break Ironic Hue are back, standing on the start line. We are expecting that their new songs will help them improve on the popularity and critical acclaim they gained from their first album.

To celebrate the release of their new album, Ironic Hue will be holding a CD release party on the 26th April. Date : Apr 26th (Sat) 7:30PM Venue : Salon Badabie Adv : 18,000 Door : 20,000 Ticket Open : 7th April

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