Posted on July 31, 2015

Concert Preview

August 29th (Sat) - Hannam Dong, Seoul :

This festival is being run by Jarip, an independent musical collective, as a type of cultural and artistic gathering to discuss issues concerning the local community. The collective is also responsible for putting on the awesome Record Pyeheo (a recurring record fair to promote indie artists in Seoul) and the annual 51+ festival (originally set up as a protest festival to fight the forced closure of a popular local business). This new event, called ‘The Jarip Spirit’, is a new project for the group with the ultimate aim of creating a sustainable thriving social community of artists. The event will be more than your typical music festival, as Jarip will facilitate projects in which participants directly discuss issues in the local community. After the festival, the group plans to create an online community page where people can come to share their worries and ideas. 

The Jarip Spirit festival has four main themes that loosely translate as : ‘to rise up’, ‘to drag up’, ‘to push forward’, and ‘to believe’. Held in a variety of spaces, there will be flea markets, seminars, concerts, and exhibitions for festival goers to experience or even participate in. At the seminars, the audience will be encouraged to come and share their views and issues about the local community, and the exhibitions will all be about sharing local concerns and issues as well.The festival will take place on the 29th August from 1pm - 10 pm in 40 different venues all based in Hannam Dong. One ticket will allow you to move freely between all participating venues. The current lineup for musicians is currently 19 bands strong and includes Earthbound, Hellivision, Cogason, Sillicagel and Big Baby Driver. There will be even more bands added to the lineup soon.

At the moment the Jarip group is raising money to run the festival via a crowdfunding campaign on Tumblebug. There are various rewards available for people who donate money including tickets to the show and fashion items / jewelry from MONDAY EDITION, ALEE, EcommaE. Other rewards include eco bags, buttons, fans made by KimGarden, who made the album art for Danpyunsun and the Sailors [Animal], Cranfield [Blue Painting] and the Record Pyeheo poster. For more information and to donate to the project please visit the tumblbug page here :

Lineup :

자립시스트 (Jaripist)
얼스바운드 (Earthbound)
헬리비전 (Hellivision)
코가손 (Cogason)
실리카겔 (Sillicagel)
김윤기와깐돌 (Kim Yoon Ki and Quandol)
김사월 (Kim Sawol)
삼군 (Sam Goon)
키라라 (Kirara)
영이네 (Youngwehouse)
도마 (Doma)
빅베이비드라이버 (Big Baby Driver)
나팔꽃 (Napalcot)
플래시플러드달링스 (Flash FLood Darlings)
회기동단편선 (Danpyunsun)
파다파 (Padapa)
타프카부다 (TAFKA Buddah)
숨 (Breath)

And more to come ...

Timetable :

Coming soon!

Getting There :

Tickets :

Free to people who donate at least 15,000 won to the crowd funding campaign (

Door Price : TBC

Contact :

Email :

For more information, check out the following sites :

Official Site :
Facebook :
Facebook Group :
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