Posted on August 04, 2016


Hello! DOINDIE is looking for members to join our Street Team! What’s a street team you ask? It’s a form of guerilla marketing where a dedicated group people hit the streets (or the internet) to promote shows happening in or around their hometown. DOINDIE is now three years old and we’ve gotten a lot accomplished in that time, but we need your help to take it to the next level. As everyone knows, the live music scene in Korea is extremely focused in Seoul and Hongdae. Some people even claim there isn’t a music scene outside Hongdae! We know this isn’t the case and that some of Korea’s best live acts come from cities and towns all around the peninsula. Through this street team we want to change the popular opinion that Seoul is the only place for live music. For that we need your help.

DOINDIE is a comprehensive industry promotion resource for Korea’s vast and exceptionally innovative independent music scene. Since its inception in 2014, DOINDIE has grown to reach thousands of fans every month, providing exclusive, original content including band interviews, recording sessions and album release dates, along with details on shows including locations, set times, and Facebook event / RSVP links.

Created out of a desire to promote Korean independent music and expand its listener base in a nation where standard K-pop reigns supreme, DOINDIE is a big, loud, strobe-lit, fan-driven tribute to talented musicians from around Korea who come together to write, record and perform everything from from synthpop to chillwave, funk, jazz, grunge, experimental, metal, nu-disco, shoegaze, ambient and more.

We know Korea isn’t just about Kpop, and that there’s so much good music here, but the problem is the underground scene hardly gets any media attention. On the rare occasion it does break into the mainstream media, it’s usually quickly forgotten due to lack of business infrastructure and promotional support that can’t compete with the major label/promotion company monopoly. As a result, it’s hard for people to find out about or come across anything other than mainstream music and it’s especially hard for the indie scene to be self-reliant or grow. As rent goes up in Seoul and the few truly independent music venues that host indie acts struggle to survive, it is nearly impossible for the scene to continue as it is.  

This is why we want to develop a street team culture. If music lovers from cities around the country work with us to help the scene grow, we can set-up a more effective system to help both Korean artists and those who come from abroad run successful country-wide tours. But we can’t do it without you. Let’s help the scene and at the same time have fun together!

What exactly do street team members do?

By joining our team, you will be asked to use both online and offline promotion techniques to support shows that come to your town. Offline promotion involves anything from putting up posters and flyers to contacting media outlets to help promote a show. Online promotion includes SNS work to helping us keep our concert calendars up to date. On show nights, when we bring in Korean or foreign artists to play in your town, we would need your help as staff at the show. This may involve taking pictures or recording the bands. Aside from the promotional side of things, interested parties might also be asked to interview bands, liaise with venues, and generally help us set-up our events. This is a great opportunity to get together with other music lovers and have some fun while supporting your local scene.

We are looking for people who match any of the traits below. If you are any of these things then you are perfect for us, please get in touch!

  • Someone who is a music lover
  • Someone with an interest in the music business
  • Someone with a desire to gain experience in the music industry
  • Someone with a love of their local city and its culture
  • Someone who enjoys taking pictures, making videos, or writing articles
  • Someone who is passionate and hardworking

What We Can Give You.

  • Free Tickets to all our shows (and lots of other shows) for you and a friend. This might occasionally include festival tickets or tickets to see international acts.
  • CDs
  • Band / DoIndie Merchandise
  • Meet & Greets with other fans or bands
  • College Credit / Internships
  • Professional Development
  • Pre-released music
  • Anything else we can get our hands on. We always work hard to give our team members good perks in return for working with DOINDIE.

If you are interested in getting involved and helping the local indie music scene, please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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