Posted on October 13, 2017


Most of the festivals I’ve experienced have been in Seoul. So I was curious about JUMF 2017. What would it be like to go to a festival not at Nanji or Jamsil, but in Jeonju?

Using the word ‘ultimate’, the festival aimed to cover a variety of genres, from indie and rock to hip-hop and EDM. Although there were some comments that It would have been better if it had focused only on rock or indie, it might be an advantage to include many genres in one festival.

The Royal Stage, starting at 12:40pm, was centered around on popular rock and band music such as Crying Nut, 10cm, Bolbbalgan4, Lee Soo, Lee Juck, NELL, YB, Jannabi, and Lazybone. The Ultimate Nights, which started from 10:30pm, saw hip-hop/EDM artists such as Simon Dominic, Loco, Ugly Duck, Kisum, Sik-K, and G-Park heating up the night.

Actually, Jeonju was already so hot, even without any crazy shows. There was a heat wave during the festival. Although the heat was unavoidable, the organizers provided facilities such as a water tunnel, water playground (where ice and water buckets were placed), shade shelters and free showers. The water cannon in the middle of the show also helped the audience cool off.

In addition, the flea market, ladies’ powder room and the artist autograph event were also popular. At the food booths, we could experience special Jeonju-style dishes like Three-Color-Bibimbab as well as chicken and chips.

‘JUMF Carney’ was the free shuttle bus that has never been seen at any other festivals. Many festivals provide short distance shuttles to the venue, but it is not common practice to operate nationwide shuttles. Round trips between the festival and Seoul, Daejeon, Busan, Daegu, and Gwangju were operated at various times. Because of this, the JUMF Carney got good comments from those who were coming to Jeonju and going home after the show. Also, to let more people enjoy the festival, a 20% discount was provided to local students and 30% for those holding Rail-ro and Hanaro passes.

Jeonju holds the title ‘City of Taste and Fashion’ and ‘City of Traditional Culture’, but in fact, it hasn’t had many things for young people to enjoy. Maybe it’s not only Jeonju that has this problem. JUMF had its second birthday this year, so I hope this festival becomes more colorful and unique. Also, starting from JUMF, I wish for many festivals to become active not only in Seoul, but also in various cities across Korea.

Written by : Kim Hansol
English Translation : Song Hee M. Roh
Edited by : Rock N Rose


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