Posted on July 11, 2014

Band Introduction

Watching Kingston Rudieska rehearse from the wings of the imposing main stage at the Sejong Center for Performing Arts (part of a celebration of the traditional “Arirang” melody, for which they had prepared their own reggae-edged version), I pondered how far they’ve come. Since forming in the underground punk clubs of Hongdae around 2003-4, these pioneers of authentic Jamaican ska (with a local twist) have played every festival in Korea, released 3 albums and 2 EPs, collaborated with top idol stars, appeared on major nationwide TV shows and toured to the Philippines and Japan. And they have just taken it to a new level, with their first ever collaboration with an international artist, German ska/reggae/dancehall/trombone legend, Dr Ring Ding. Having been active in Europe since the late 80s, primarily with his prolific band The Senior Allstars and more recently Ska-Vaganza, Dr Ring Ding is also well-known as a composer and expert music producer who has collaborated with every top ska artist out there, including KR’s role models, The Skatalites. When Kingston Rudieska (KR) was first performing in Hongdae, before they had written many of their own songs, they used to play a cover of one of Dr Ring Ding’s biggest hits, “Bad Company”, which leader Choi Chul Wook had fallen in love with through the internet, with vocalist Sugar Suk Yuel later turning it into his own by translating the lyrics into Korean. Years later, Dr Ring Ding got hold of a copy of KR’s debut album “Skafiction” and gave it a good review in a German magazine, which is how the band first got in contact with him. Fast forward to August of 2013, and Dr Ring Ding & Ska-Vaganza had agreed to share the stage with KR (and Japanese ska band Doberman) at the Jisan World Rock festival. KR were clearly thrilled to play with their hero at last, and the result was a joyous celebration for musicians and audience, at sunset on the ski slope, some of the most fun I’ve ever seen at any festival. During those few days practicing together, the band suggested to Dr Ring Ding that they record a song together, and he was only too happy to comply. But one song soon became two, then three and then five—recorded in only 1 manic day!— The ground-breaking EP album called “Ska ‘n Seoul” has been released in Europe, Japan and the US (as well as Korea) .

Check out the interview we did with the band about recording with Dr Ring Ding :

Written By : Rock 'N Rose

My Cotton Candy :

Dr. Ring Ding & Kingston Rudieska - 생활의 발견 (Discovery of Life) :

Ska Bless You + Jamaica Ska :

너때문이야 (Because of You) :

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We are honored to have Kingston Rudieska playing at DoIndie's show 'FWD Vol. 2' :

Date : 12th July @ 19:30
Venue : Club Ta (Hongdae)
Cover : 15,000
Line Up : BaekMa / Vidulgi OoyoO / Angry Bear / Kingston Rudieska / Rock 'N' Roll Radio / Ynot? / Dead Buttons

For more information on the band, please check them out at the following websites :

Official Homepage :
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Doindie :


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