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Do you know the band named “KO KO MO”? You might be surprised to know that this cute name needs proper spacing; interestingly, each syllable of the name needs a space between it, which I didn’t know. Consequently, my long time spent googling only revealed the title of an old movie’s OST and several other bands from different countries which were not the 2-member French team I was looking for. Anyway, I ended up going to the gig without much information, but, ironically, that incidental ignorance gave me a more powerful shock from this fascinating band’s music and energy.

It was a cold Valentine’s Day and the venue was Club Sharp. DTSQ and The Monotones played their sets before KO KO MO and they were both, needless to say, amazing. The problem was, all the sets combined left me feeling exhausted and I started to doubt whether I would still be able to enjoy the last act in the stifling, crammed club. However, my worries turned out to be totally unfounded. The two members of KO KO MO, Warren Mouton and K20, completely blew away the audience at Club Sharp with their infectious rock ‘n roll energy.




Warren’s guitar, K20’s drumming, perfectly placed electronic sounds, and the vocals of Warren on lead and K20 on backing chorus were more than enough to compose a perfect show, so despite having only 2 members in the band, their sound didn’t seem to be a lacking in any way.


What was most amazing was their “raw performance”, which I don’t want to limit with words like “music” or “play”, because their set had all of them with exploding wild energy, without putting up any kind of fake charade. They genuinely interacted with the audience, and I found myself moving along to their music, sharing the same emotional rollercoaster the band was on. Even in the confusing excitement of enjoying with the audience, KO KO MO didn’t lose their sincere musical attitude for fine playing. It gave me a strong impression of them as professional musicians.

ⓒLongueur d'Ondes

KO KO MO presented me with an amazing Valentine’s Day, and I am already missing them after only a couple of  weeks. Please come back to Korea soon, KO KO MO! I really want to see you guys play again!

Written by: Jean Park



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