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To celebrate the release of Lowdown's new single 'Hotter <feat. Oki Kim>' and Genius' EP 'Lucky Mistake' we got the two bands to ask each other a few questions. This is part one of the interview, where the members of Genius ask questions to Lowdown 30.

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# What is one of your worst shows and why?

ByeongJoo Yoon : A long time ago, we had a show scheduled when one of our founding members, the late Lee Sangmoon was hospitalized because his condition was getting worse. We worried about him too much to enjoy the show, so in a way it would be the worst show we ever had. (That day, Rockgun Kim joined us for the first time.)

Rockgun Kim : It’s hard to pick one that stands out as the worst show. But when you cannot hear the other parts, it’s no fun at all.

ByungJoon Choi : Honestly, I don’t think we have had a worst show. I always enjoy myself when we play live.

# What's a band or song that's embarrassing to admit you like and why?

ByeongJoo : I admit whatever I like. Crayon Pop or Guem Jandi, whatever.

Rockgun Kim : There is no reason to be embarrassed about admitting something you like.

ByungJoon : Hmm, honestly I’m just becoming the part of indie scene, so I’m not really sure. But listening Cuba’s music recently, I think it is really cool. Especially the guitarist Jungwoo. He is really cool.

# Where do you hope to play someday?

ByeongJoo : Opening for Genius on their China tour.

Rockgun Kim : I would really like to play at festivals in Southern America where loads of my favorite bands are playing.  

ByungJoon : Umm … there are so many places to play, but I’d like to play on top of a moving truck.

# Who's a band or artist that's no fun to play with?

ByeongJoo : All randomly organized shows without the idea of ‘playing together’ are boring, aren’t they?

Rockgun Kim : I’m not sure. I always look forward to getting to know new bands at venues.

ByungJoon : None.

# Who's a band that you wish more people knew about?

ByeongJoo : There is a famous band who I wish people would hate ...

Rockgun Kim : Bulssazo. I guess you could say they are famous already. I’d love it if they would play more shows.

ByungJoon : Like I said before, I’ve not been in the indie scene long so I don’t really know many bands.

# What should be done about MERS?

ByeongJoo : Just keep living how you were before.

Rockgun Kim : You should eat well. I heard that healthy people can beat the virus.

ByungJoon : Wash well, sleep well, poop well, and wash well.

# How do you think Park Geun Hye is doing so far?

ByeongJoo : ‘This time too shall pass’ - A lyric from Lowdown 30’s 2nd album “A Street Without Anybody”

Rockgun Kim : I don’t really have any thoughts on this.

ByungJoon : Honestly speaking, I don’t have any interest in politics at all. I don’t really like it.

# Who's the cutest indie musician in Korea?

ByeongJoo : Kim. Na. Eon

Rockgun Kim : Kim Youngseng, from Bad Scene.

ByungJoon : Don’t need to look around for the answer to that. It’s me.

# Which of your band members has the best hair and why?

ByeongJoo : Rockgun Kim. He is a kind of master craftsman who still sticks to the tradition that ‘rockers must have long hair.’

Rockgun Kim : Are you asking among our members? I think short hair suits Choi Byungjoon. I can’t handle short hair so I envy people who can wear shorter hair styles.

ByungJoon : Yoon Byungjoo. His head is always shiny!

# Which music venue has the worst bathroom and why?

ByeongJoo : Bathrooms are just like the clubs they are in, when they start out they are in good condition but as time goes on they get worse and worse. Club Heavy’s toilet comes to my mind.

Rockgun Kim : Nothing pops up right now, but it bothers me the most when the waiting room and bathroom are really far apart.

ByungJoon : Rather than pick somewhere specific; I’ll just say that I hate every dirty toilet.

# What's the best secret ingredient to add to ramyeon and why?

ByeongJoo : I don’t eat much ramen these days. Haha

Rockgun Kim : I reckon following the recipe is the best way to eat tasty ramen.

ByungJoon : Milk. It’s nutty.

# Who is the best guitarist in the world and why? (No Lowdown 30 members please)

ByeongJoo : Derek Trucks. I met him and he was really nice.

Rockgun Kim : Usually, people say Jimi Hendrix is the best, right. I also think he is cool, but I want to pick Duane from my favorite band the Allman Brothers Band.

ByungJoon : Umm…. Jimi Hendrix for me. He is like a guitar father figure to Byungjoo too.

# I like the video for the Kanari Soda song, (나 김락건) Me, Rockgun Kim. Is Kim Rockgun a superhero? A supervillain? What is a Kim Rockgun?

ByeongJoo : The man is 2,002 years old, a close friend of Jesus, and a walking, living part of history.

Rockgun Kim : Cocky rock star, he rules over with his fist. You can check more details from the lyrics of the track.

ByungJoon : As you can see from in the lyrics of ‘I’m Rock Gun Kim’, he is a strong man.

# You guys are a famous rock n roll blues band here in South Korea. Do you have any intention to take us (Genius) on a world tour with you?

ByeongJoo : We followed a direct order from Mr. President Bear.

Rockgun Kim : Of course!

ByungJoon : I’d love that, of course!

You can read part 2 of the interview, where Genius answer the questions put to them by Lowdwon 30 here (Click)

English Translation : Patrick Connor
Edited by : Jamie Leigh Gilbert

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