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To celebrate the release of Lowdown's new single 'Hotter <feat. Oki Kim>' and Genius' EP 'Lucky Mistake' we got the two bands to ask each other a few questions. This is part two of the interview, where the members of Lowdown 30 ask questions to Genuis.

Read Part 1 of the interview here (CLICK)

# How did you come up with the name 'Genius' for your band?

Ildu Kim : We changed our band name when we changed members. At first, it was Nanbongkkun(which means ‘a libertine’), then Mamason, and now Genius. We just use what ever names come out of our mouths.

# How did the three of you meet, and how did you come to decide to play in a band together?

Ildu : We used to play rock music in bars in Busan, and now here we are playing in a band together. I assume that this is one of God’s plans.

# Kim IlDu also has a solo project on the go. What to you (Steve and Casey) think about his music?

Steve : I also have a solo project. My solo songs are all about my dog, Belle. They are too beautiful and pure to share with this world.

Casey : I like Ildu's solo music. People tell me it's sad. I can't understand Korean, so his music doesn't make me sad. Not being able to understand Korean makes me sad.

# Apart from Kim IlDu the rest of the band are from America. Do you have any problems with communication in the band?

Steve : One of the first times we spoke, he said to me: "My girlfriend is on the moon. There are thousands of them." I pictured a moon populated by thousands of lunar girlfriends. Sometimes this kind of misunderstanding is better than understanding.

Casey : I don't understand this question.

# Genius has a bit of a tough guy image. Have you ever had any real fights within the band?

Ildu : We’ve not fought physically yet, but since we’re all different kinds of people I think there will be inner conflicts. Getting along with each other requires mutual concession and care.

Steve : I think we operate according to only two principles; 1. Don't be too serious. 2. Try to maintain some integrity.

This sounds simple, but it gets confusing. If we're actually worried about our integrity, aren't we taking ourselves and the threat too seriously? On the other hand, if we're not serious, can we be true to ourselves? This is the only worthwhile fight to consider.

Casey : I actually didn't think we had any principles.

# Have you listened to our (Lowdown’s) new song yet? What do you think?

Ildu : It is danceable and I like that kind of beat and melody. I can dance as cool as the dancer in the music video.

Steve : This song reminds me of bars I've drunk at back home, ones with unchanging jukeboxes, Bud Light pitchers, and pool tables missing balls, where all the women are old, divorced, and ready to party. Those were good times.

# We, the members of Lowdown, are good friends with the Busan band Unchained. So we have an interest in the Busan scene … we would like to know what do you, the members of Genius, think of the scene down there?

Ildu : In Busan there are lots of awesome active bands, although they don’t have as much experience as Unchained, and they’re striving to make their dreams come true. I think we can call Busan the best Rock N Roll city under the 38th parallel.

Steve : I think Busan has more musicians than fans. Is that good or bad?

Casey : Both Busan and Seoul have bad drivers and dirty air. Busan has the ocean. Seoul does not. Busan wins.

# In your band introduction you have an impressive slogan, 'We are not punk. Just drunk.’ How did that come about?

Ildu : I think Steve said it sometime at a show. It is true. Sometimes it feels like we’re not punk, we are nothing even. We’re just drunk and playing our songs together in that moment.

Steve : In Dolce in Cheonan, I asked Casey, "What do you think about this?" I was making all kinds of shitty slogans back then, trying to find a musical identity I think. Anyways, he was open-minded and said, "It might be funny during a show. Once." I agreed. But somehow it stuck.

Casey : I remember IlDu saying it at a show once. And it was funny once. When something becomes a slogan, I guess it's no longer funny; it's for branding.

# What is the best thing about being in Genius?

Ildu : When we're together it's always a good time.

Steve : We are brothers. Ildu is our guitar. Casey is our drums. This is the way things should be.

# What musicians would you say you have been influenced the most by?

Ildu : Johnny Cash, Ramones, Torment, Leonard Cohen, Nirvana, Kim Minki.

Steve : Hara, Taeyeon, Eunjung.

Casey : Matt Barrick, Stephen Morris, Keith Moon, and Kenney Jones are drummers I've ripped off that I'm aware of.

# What do you think you will be doing when you are 88 years old?

Ildu : I will read books while thinking of good things.

Steve : I will tell my great-grandchildren stories about iPods and the medals I won in World War II.

Casey : I don't want to live that long.

# What is your aim for being in a band?

Ildu : It must be full of fun and joy.

Steve : In Ezra Pound's poem, "The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter," the wife writes to her traveling lover about living together as "two small people, without dislike or suspicion." I want something like that. I will get rich and live on a green청도 peach farm, close to the river, with 50 dogs, 3 wives, and a kitten. His name will be Roscoe Howard IV.

Casey : I want to quit my job and travel more.

You can read part 1 of the interview, where Lowdown 30 answer the questions put to them by Genius here (Click)

English Translation : Patrick Connor
Edited by : Jamie Leigh Gilbert

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