Posted on December 11, 2014

Party 51 is a documentary film about the original 51+ music festival, held in 2010 at Dooriban in Hongdae. Dooriban was a restaurant located above the newer area of Hongdae Station. When the station expansion was planned, the owners of Dooriban held out against the derisory offers of compensation that were initially made to them. They staged a sit-in which finished in summer 2011 after they were paid the amount of compensation they needed to properly relocate their business. During the sit-in, one floor of the building was used as a music venue and became one of the favorite homes of the punk scene for a year or so. The 51+ festivals were benefits to aid the venue and included music from all genres, including of course punk and hardcore. English subtitles are unfortunately not yet ready for the documentary. They will be soon. Check out the trailer for the movie below :

Last year DoIndi’s Alex Ameter’s wrote an article about the independent music collective, JARIP and the Dooriban protests. Read the article here :

You can view the movie in full in the following theaters across the country (for exact times and locations please visit the movie theaters individual websites) :

--> Seoul <--

--> Outside Seoul <--

--> The following showings of the movie will be attended by special guest speakers : <--

  • 12/11 (Thur) 19:30 CGV Sinchon Artleon: attended by novelist JungHyeok Kim, noise musician Park Daham, director YongTaek Jeong
  • 12/13 (Sat) 15:15 Sangsang Madang Cinema: attended by GeonHyeok Go, director YongTaek Jeong, blues musician Ha Heon-Jin (who might also perform)
  • 12/18 (Thur) 19:30 @Indie Space: attended by poet Bo-Sun Sim, director YongTaek Jeong, musician Heoigidong Danpyunsun (who might also perform)
  • 12/19 (Fri) 19:00 @Gangneung Shinyoung theater: attended by director YongTaek Jeong, blues musician Ha Heon-jin (who might also perform)
  • 12/20 (Sat) 17:10 @Indie Space: attended by design researcher HeaCheon Park , Kwon Man-man of Bamseon Pirates, director YongTaek Jeong
  • 12/22(Mon) 20:00 @Sangsang Madang Cinema:  attended by poet Kyeong Ju Kim, director YongTaek Jeong, Vad Hahn (Yamagata Tweakster) (who might also perform)
  • 12/23(Tue) 19:30 @Indie Plus: attended by poet Kyung-dong Song, novelist Chaerim Yu (Duriban), director YongTaek Jeong

For more information, please head to the following sites :

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