Posted on April 14, 2015

Concert Preview

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In December 2013, something groundbreaking heated up the wintery streets of Hongdae: Korea’s first-ever all-reggae/ska festival, a multi-cultural party of love, unity, good vibes and a whole lot of dancing, which lasted until 6 in the morning. The organizers of Rise Again, Sugar Suk-Yuel of legendary authentic ska band Kingston Rudieska and RD Byeon of reggae/dubstep duo Rude Paper, were on a mission to grow the almost non-existent reggae scene in Korea by bringing together the diverse artists within it (bands, selectors/DJs and solo musicians) as well as showcasing new talent, to an audience of both locals and expats. The resounding success of that event inspired them to dream bigger, and make Rise Again an annual or even bi-annual event.

Last summer Rise Again returned to a larger and more suitable venue (the 800-capacity Yes24 MUV Hall), this time with heavyweight sponsors Jose Cuervo and House of Marley on board, and injected a whole lot more sex appeal into the genre by introducing reggae dancer Miss Friday and the all-female offshoot of “Afro-Carazilian” troupe Rapercussion, Orixa. That night had the buzz of a true event, and it was heartening to see a lot of younger, newer faces in the audience—the organizers’ dream of breaking the many stereotypes about Jamaican-influenced music in Korea, as well as making it attractive to a younger “hipper” crowd, seeming well on its way to coming true.

This spring, the third installment of Rise Again will return to MUV Hall, featuring 11 live acts and 3 selectors. All of the features that made Volume 2 so much fun will be in place: the sexy dancers (Miss Friday), the VIP tables, the Jose Cuervo at the bar, the vinyl shop and tunes between sets (courtesy of Eastern Standard Sounds) and the good vibes. 7 of the live teams are returning performers: veteran ska band Kingston Rudieska and their Busan-based label mates Ska Wakers, intoxicating reggae/samba percussion group Orixa, newcomer skinhead reggae team Pegurians (along with their Hammond organ) and the Wild Born System crew--a collective made up of Rude Paper and dancehall/reggae/hip hop artists M.Tyson and Josh Roy, all sure to get you grooving like there’s no tomorrow. This time sees the addition of two exciting and diverse acts who are no strangers to the underground Hongdae scene as well as festivals countrywide: Re-Ska, the self-titled “Reggae Ska Groove Makers” whose flavor leans towards somewhat mellower rocksteady; and my personal pick, “post electronic -dub” duo Ninano Nanda, whose traditional pansori powerhouse vocalist Jang-Goon and her sound artist husband Shin Hang put on great show, with bright costumes and reggae beats. In what is becoming a Rise Again tradition, the festival will showcase a new artist on the scene—Rupshan, who blends dubstep and reggae with a chill vibe, as displayed in his February 2015 debut single, “Dub Town Bugae”.

The highlight of Volume 3, however, will be the finale; the collaboration stage shared by 22 artists (who will have performed earlier in the night or at previous Volumes) collectively known as the Rise Again All Stars. In the months leading up to Rise Again Vol.3 this huge project group has been working on a kick-ass Korean cover of Bob Marley’s “One Love”, to be included on a “contribution” album produced by the Music Cube label. Besides the recording, they have been filming an epic music video which is set to be released just before the show. This will be the first—and possibly only—live performance of this song, which in my books makes it a damn good reason not to miss Rise Again Vol.3 alone.

If you’re still not tired out from all the dancing you’re going to be doing, don’t forget that between sets and after the end of all the live performances, the party will be kept pumping by selectors Lee Neung Geum (dancehall/ragga), Cheong Dahl (bluebeat lounge) and Smiley Song (roots reggae/dub), all of whom can be seen regularly DJing at reggae events around Hongdae and beyond. Starting at 8 and due to end sometime around 3 a.m., you will certainly get your money’s worth. There is simply no better way for newcomers and connoisseurs alike to sample the extraordinary diversity and talent of the growing Korean reggae scene.

Article : Rock N Rose
Korean Translation : 서지은 (Jieun Seo)

Date : April 25th (Sat) 20:00
Venue : MUV Hall
Adv : 35,000 (Interpark / Yes24)
Door : 40,000

Tickets to Rise Again Vol.3 can be purchased in advance (offline) at Zion Boat, Jamaican jerk chicken restaurant in Hapjeong-dong:

Bands :
킹스턴루디스카 (Kingston Rudieska) / 스카웨이커스 (Ska Wakers) / 루드페이퍼 (Rude Paper) / 엠 타이슨 (M. Tyson) / 페규리안스 (Pegurians) / 니나노난다 (Ninano Nanda) / JoshRoy / 룹샨 (Rupshan) / 라퍼커션 (Rappercussion) / 레스카 (Re-Ska) / Rise Again All Stars

Selector :
Lee Neung Keum / Cheong Dahl / Smiley Song

Dancer :
Ms. Friday

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