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Check out the video below, it is an introduction video for Prism Hall (Honagae). This is the first in the series of teaser videos that Live Club Day have comissioned about each of the 10 clubs involved in the Live Club Day project. They will release a new video each month and at the end will combine them all to make one video about all of the clubs.

LIVE CLUB DAY 2nd Teaser @Prism Live Hall from COMPANY F on Vimeo.


Video : The above video was made by VISUAL ART CREW 'VX:Visual Experiment'. 'VX' are the official video team of Live Club Day and will produce loads more content in partnership with Live Club Day.

In conjunction with the Live Club Day x VX Prism Hall video project, DoIndie went along and had a chat with Prism Hall's owner and Yellow Monsters drummer Jay-Hyuk Choi. This is what he had to say :

# Since the renewal work Prism Hall seems to have become a much better venue. Is there anything you are particularly proud of? How would you define the identity of Prism Hall?

Jae Hyuk Choi : People tend to think of Prism Hall mainly as a metal and heavy music venue. I suspect that when Live Club Day first approached us about being part of their event they had it in mind to have the heavier bands play here. The reality is that most of the bands that approach Prism Hall about shows are those that play hardcore and metal. But we are open to all kinds of music, and we want all kinds of bands to play here. For example, we host more hip hop bands than most other live clubs. So, I like to think that one of Prism Hall’s strongest points is the wide variety of genres that can be seen here.

# Do you think there is a particular reason why so many metal & hardcore bands like to play at Prism Hall?

Jae Hyuk : It’s a bit embarrassing to talk ourselves up like this, but I think one of the reasons is that Prism Hall offers musicians the kind of sound system heavier bands want. There’s a certain type of sound and monitoring that harder bands prefer. We always try really hard to give them exactly what they want. Also, because the market for this kind of music is kind of small at the moment, it’s really hard for musicians who play punk, hardcore, metal, and so on to play at the bigger venues like VHall, SangSang Madang or Muv Hall. We understand those problems really well and try hard to provide lots of shows for these musicians to play at.

# What has changed for you now that you’re a venue owner and not just a musician?

Jae Hyuk : This kind of work suits my personality really well, so for me working in a venue is a lot of fun! The biggest change for me is that now that I’m an owner and not just a musician I can better understand the way club owners think. These days I have to think about what’s best for me as the venue owner and the show organiser, so I’m always hoping more people will come to the shows at Prism Hall. I also wish that I could give the bands a little more money, of course; I want to support them as much as possible. When concerts are not well attended I worry about the amount of money we can give to the musicians who work so hard to perform for us. Of course, the state of Prism Hall is an important factor in getting bands to come back and play again, but I think if we pay the bands and support them properly they will come back regularly.

One of the most satisfying things for me as the owner of Prism Hall is when we make the musicians and the audience happy with the concerts we organise.Whenever there’s a show at Prism I sit and help the sound engineer. Our staff are always on standby to help out with anything the musicians need while they’re on stage. I think in Korea, the audience doesn’t really like to see engineers up on the stage helping out, but to me, as a musician, I think differently about that kind of thing. If any problems arise during the set and our staff are there to help resolve the issues … it can only be helpful to the musicians. We understand what bands need, and so we do our best to provide it.

# How do you think the Hongdae of today compares with the Hongade of the past?

Jae Hyuk : The thing is, I was originally just someone who played shows, so it’s hard for me to get an accurate picture of the past, but after talking to other club owners, they tell me it has gotten much harder now than it used to be. In the past, a previous version of Club Day and a similar event called Sound Day were set up to try and overcome the dark times. However, both organisations were really only in it to benefit themselves, and the resulting conflict of interests meant that, sadly, both failed. But, on the other hand, there are many positive points these days. Of course, the environment of the venues and the artists’ musical capability are both important, but from a purely quantitative aspect too, there have been big developments. Since I started out in the scene 15-20 years ago there’s been a distinct increase in the number of bands as well as the number of venues. I do miss the past a little--when the scene was smaller it had much more of a family vibe--but the musicians of today are much better musically and they also understand the whole ‘concept’ of a concert. To get lots of people to come to a club it is important not only to have a good lineup but, in my opinion, to create an environment that encourages people to come back again and again. The staff at the venue play a really important role in this as well.

# Has being part of Live Club Day (something new for Prism Hall) inspired you to try other things. Do you have any other ideas up your sleeve?

Jae Hyuk : Since we started participating in Live Club Day I’ve wanted to try out lots of new ideas. To ensure the survival of Prism Hall it’s important to have a constant stream of people coming into the club, but I’ve come to the conclusion that we don’t need to go to war with the other clubs for this business. Instead I want to create things that people can only find here at Prism Hall. To drop a little hint about my plans, before the summer rock festival season I plan to put on a punk show at Prism Hall, with all the bands who used to play at Club Spot. There will be no timetable, it’ll just be non-stop punk! Or maybe we’ll hold a one-off show with some old-school metal bands like Black Syndrome and Zero-G.

# The reaction to Live Club Day has been really good, but what do you think needs to be done to sustain this kind of subculture in the long term? 

Jae Hyuk : After the first Live Club Day, something I heard people talk about most from a business point of view was that they thought perhaps Live Club Day had started a new movement in the Hongdae scene. To sustain this kind of positive feedback I guess everyone needs to keep putting in the effort. This is homework for the Live Club Day collective. We’re always coming up with a variety of ideas in our meetings that we hope will enable the event to survive in the long term. We’re always talking about the next lineup as well as working out what kind of fun only Live Club Day can provide. At the moment Live Club Day’s selling point is that for a very reasonable price you can get into loads of different clubs and see loads of great shows. In the future we want to add more benefits, things that only Live Club Day can bring you. Everyone involved knows that there is a lot of work to be done in order to develop Live Club Day, and because of that I think you will continue to see it getting better and better.

# Do you have any concerns about the gentrification of Hongdae?

Jae Hyuk : I think there are clearly aspects of this that we should reject. There should be a balance between the commercial and creative aspects of the indie music scene in Hongdae. The Live Club Day collective will have to work hard to achieve this balance in the future. One of our aims is to provide a platform from which people can discover new and talented musicians.

# What would you say are the strongest points of the scene in Korea? What are the weakest?

Jae Hyuk : I think one of the best things about the music scene in Korea is that, just like when you bounce a rugby ball, you don’t know which way it will go. It’s always changing. I don’t think this is confined to just the music scene in Hongdae, it applies to everything there. Because Hongdae symbolises the artistic spirit of Korea, musicians and artists congregate here in large numbers, and thus Hongdae is a unique artistic melting pot. One of the ironies is that because of this, loads of people, both Korean and foreign, come to Hongdae, which creates some problems. For example, real estate agents and building owners collaborate in order to profit more and more from Hongdae’s success. I think one of the most worrying things is that all the spaces in Hongdae are gradually changing from artistic spaces into consumer-based ones.

# What would you like visitors to Prism Hall to think of the venue?

Jae Hyuk : We hope to be able to provide a good music venue for you all. We think the most important thing about a venue is the sound, so we put a lot of thought and effort into that side of it. The second thing is, we aim to provide a pleasant environment for everyone to be in. One of the areas we probably put the most effort into is cleaning! Ultimately, we want Prism Hall to be a place that musicians and fans alike want to keep coming back to.


Interview : J-Myon Kim, A-Lim Lee, Hyewon Lee
English Translations : Patrick Connor
Edited by : Rock N Rose

Lineup :

<고고스2 / GoGos2>
내귀에도청장치 (Wiretap in my Ear), 네미시스 (Nemesis), 아이씨사이다 (Icy Cider), 더 히스테릭스 (The Hysterics)

<레진코믹스 브이홀 / VHall>
술탄 오브 더 디스코 (Sultan of the Disco), 크라잉 넛 (Crying Nut), 트랜스픽션 (Transfixion)

<벨로주 / Veloso>
김목인 (Kimmokin), 백현진 & 방준석 (Hyunjhin Baik & Bang Jun-Seok)‬, Jambinai (‎잠비나이)

<에반스라운지 / Evans Lounge>
김정균 김거지 (Beggar Kim), 머쉬룸즈 (mushru:ms X Dave Beck), 신현희와김루트 (Seen Root), 잔나비 (Jannabi)

<KT&G 상상마당 / SangSang Madang>
가리온 (Garion), 이루펀트 (Eluphant), 피타입 (P-Type)KUMAPARK X 팔로알토 (Paloalto)

<클럽 에반스 / Club Evans>
고색창연 (Gosaekchangyeon), ‪호스트들‬(챈슬러)

<클럽 FF / Club FF>
무드살롱 (MoodSalon), 미미시스터즈 (Me Me Sisters), ‪앵클어택‬ (Anckle Attack)‬, 이스턴 사이드킥(Eastern Sidekick)

<클럽 타 / Club Ta>
Kingston Rudieska (킹스턴 루디스카), ‪타틀즈 (Tatles), 월러스 (Walrus), 스카웨이커스 (Ska Wakers)

<프리버드-빅버드 (Freebird2 - Bigbird)>
야마가타 트윅스터 X 위댄스 (Yamagata Tweakster X Wedance), 더 루스터스 (The Roosters), 스트릿건즈 (Streetguns), 포브라더스 (4Brothers), 폰부스 (Phonebooth)

<프리즘홀 / Prism Hall>
할로우잰 (Hollow Jan), 아폴로 18 (Apollo 18), Lowdown 30 (로다운 30), 로만티카 (Romantiqua)

Tickets :

Advanced Tickets : SOLD OUT

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- Available : 13th April (12:00) - 16th April (00:00)
- Price: 30,000 won
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- Reservations : 29CM (

Live Mania Tickets  :

- Date : April 17th - April 23rd (Excluding Mondays)
- Location : XIndie Ticket Lounge (Across From KT&G SandSang Madang)
- Price : 20,000 won (Max 2 Tickets per person)
- Contact : 02-322-2218

Door Tickets :
Limited numbers of door tickets will be available at the following clubs on the night of the show : (Club Evans, Evans Lounge, GoGos2, Club Ta, Club FF, Freebird2 - Bigbird, Prism Hall)



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1st LIVE CLUB DAY Highlights from COMPANY F on Vimeo.

2nd LIVE CLUB DAY Highlights from COMPANY F on Vimeo.


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