Posted on November 05, 2014

Skasucks have released their first full length album in 4 years!  Skasucks are a 5 piece band who originally formed back in 2006 and currently consist of members Seok Ryu-jin (vocal & sax) Goyang Kim (organ), Buil Jang (guitar & backing vocals), Dong Hyeok Lee (bass), Ryu Myeonghoon (drums). The band are renowned for their energetic live performances, they are not to be missed. As well as making great music the band are also involved in producing shows and festivals of their own. They were recently involved in the big free August summer ska festival, New Generation of Ska, which was a great success. You can read all about that here : http://

Their new album ‘Out Of Control’ has 13 tracks, the title track being called ‘Why’. In tracks on the album you will hear influences from ska and punk as well as lots of other genres. All the tracks on the album were recorded as ‘one take’ tracks, live in the studio, so you really get the feeling of the bands live prowess when you listen to the songs. 

Check out the interview we did with the band a short while ago :

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