Posted on May 24, 2014

‘Small O’ got the inspiration for their name after reading a book called 난장이가 쏘아올린 작은 공 [Small Ball, Thrown by a dwarf], written by Cho Se-hui. 'Small O' consists of 5 members, Ju Hwan Oh (Leader), Jihye Park (keyboard, acordian, flute), Jiwon Lee (drums), Hankyul Ko (guitar) and SangHwan Bae (bass). Small O’s music is about the 'great big world'. Among others, 'Small O' cite their influences as Sigur Ros and Fleet Foxes. They blend beautiful harmonies with a wide variety of instruments from acoustic guitars to accordion and contrabass in their pursuit to create a truly unique sound.

Through this album listeners can begin to get a feel for what the band is all about, their sound, identity and thoughts about the world & nature around us. As with their name, the lyrics for their songs on this album have been inspired by the works of many writers.

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