Posted on November 21, 2014

Concert Preview

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In 2009, three young Londoners decided they were fed up with going to live concerts during which the audience was too noisy for them to hear the band, or they were too far away from the stage to see. In response, they hosted an exclusive, free, live gig in one of their apartments, to which a few dozen dedicated music fans came through word of mouth. Thus SOFAR—Songs From A Room—was born. Five years later and the brand has spread to around 90 cities in 37 countries, in which, every month, anybody can apply to host these exciting, intimate shows in their own home, cafe or guest house(Sofar Sounds Headquarter(You can sign up as a host for Sofar Sounds Seoul):, Sofar Sounds Seoul: Attendance is also based on e-mail application; due to the size of the venues, only 30-50 people (on average) are invited to each show, and the venue is only revealed to them 2 days before the show. In many cities, the line-up of musicians also remains a secret until the concert begins. Although every genre is covered, the emphasis is generally on less well-known artists and an acoustic, unplugged feel. One rule is applied universally, and that is to remain as silent as possible and to stay for the duration of the concert (usually involving 2-3 acts), to give the maximum respect to all the musicians.

Earlier this year, chief producer Junho Song came across videos of Sofar shows and determined to bring it to Seoul with the involvement of the London headquarters. He found many artists, videographers and hosts who were more than willing to get the project off the ground on a voluntary basis, and they hosted their first monthly Sofar gig in August. Since then, a range of artists such as Love X Stereo, Samchi & Giri, Whale have taken part, and the movement is gaining quite a buzz.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the third Sofar Seoul concert held at V Mansion guest house in Sangsu-dong, on October 16th. Unlike the shows in London or New York, the lineups and venues of the Seoul gigs are not secret, but announced a few days beforehand on the Sofar Seoul Facebook page. At the time of announcement, a link is posted at which readers can apply to attend the show, and the policy of selecting only 30-50 applicants is strictly followed in order to keep it small and exclusive, so that true music lovers can enjoy the experience of intimacy. In addition, the concerts are (at least for the moment) completely free.

Already excited by the concept, when I arrived at the guest house I immediately felt warmly welcomed, as if I was attending a friend’s house party. The attendees—including foreign guests of V Mansion, media artists, photographers, live venue owners, the musicians themselves and their friends—were perched on sofas, relaxing on the floor, chatting over drinks in the kitchen, setting up cameras or walking around the garden. Guests were encouraged to bring their own snacks and drinks too, and this helped the friendly, community atmosphere, as strangers started sharing not only their seats but their bottles of wine and packets of cookies with each other; it really was very easy to make a few interesting new friends from a variety of backgrounds.

This particular concert included just two solo artists; singer-songwriter Kim Ji Soo (from Superstar K) and Ha Heon Jin (Hongdae’s foremost delta blues guitarist/vocalist). One of the charms of Sofar is that fans have the chance to mingle freely with the musicians before and after their sets, which makes the performances that much more enjoyable and interactive. While I read that the artists at Sofar sometimes tend to be a little nervous due to the intimate, focused nature of the venue (there’s none of the separation afforded by a raised stage and fancy lighting, and everyone is listening intently to each note), the atmosphere was very supportive and there was a lot of exchange of humor between the musicians and the audience. For me it was a good chance to listen carefully and very comfortably to music I often miss in a noisy, crowded club with all its distractions.

Sofar Seoul plans to host a gig in a different venue every 1-2 months. The next gig is planned at iHouseChinChin(24-11, Yeonnamro7, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 121-867) on 29th, November at 8pm. It will feature Sun Woo Jung Ah and People and People. You can apply for tickets to the gig at:

사람또사람 (People and People)

For more information on the band, check them out at the following sites :

Facebook :
Cafe :
Twitter :
DoIndie :

선우정아 (Sunwoo Jung-A)

For more information on the band, check them out at the following sites :

Facebook :
Official Site :
Twitter :

Sofar Sounds Seoul 

Head over to and “like” the page to keep abreast of their upcoming shows and how to apply for them. Through that page as well as the homepage, you can read about the history of Sofar both in Seoul and abroad, and there is a treasure trove of really good quality videos of Sofar performances around Korea at and the world at

By : Rock ‘n Rose
Korean Translation : Kim Dae Han
Editing : Sohn Jeong Eun (Jasmine)

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Date : Nov 29nd (Sat) 20:00
Venue : iHouseChinChin(24-11, Yeonnamro7, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 121-867
Door : Free (Apply for tickets here :
Artists : 선우정아 (Sunwoo Jung-A), 사람또사람 (People and People)


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