Posted on August 08, 2017


On June 17th, Jeju Island bands South Carnival and The Audio came up to Seoul to play at the first edition of Sound Bridge, a new program that links local culture scenes.

As we were planning the show, we came up with the idea of ‘one free hallabong’ (Jeju’s special variety of orange) instead of the usual one free drink. The problem was that it’s hard to find any hallabongs at this time of year. However, South Carnival surprised us by offering to send some up to us! They actually sent 300 hallabongs to Sangsang Madang the day before the show. How cool these guys are! We were all left speechless by their gift. It must have been the only show in the world to offer one free hallabong per guest. The concert, which was also free, went so well that I think if we’d put out a tip box, we would’ve earned lots of money.

On the day of the show, the artists arrived and held rehearsals. They set up their sound with the help of the venue’s sound director. Taesun, the leader of Gogostar, checked the sound by running around every single corner of the concert hall! From 6:30pm, the audience of 300 started to enter the hall and receive their ‘Pick Me! Hallabong!’ coupons.

The first performance was by The Audio. They had visited Hongdae’s Freebird venue last February, and the day before that show, they had released a new single. Their music is fresh and delightful, so it made people dance lightly without a care. If you haven’t heard any of their songs, I would say they reminded me of the band Monkeyz’ style of music. It’s not common to find bands of this genre in which the vocalist also plays bass guitar, but the front man of The Audio does exactly that.

Gogostar, as always, heated up the stage with the audience passionately singing along and shouting. They advertised their new album and said they would like to perform on Jeju Island, too. It almost felt like this was the last set, as their atmosphere was so exciting, and they shouted their drinking slogan “Have a drink! Festival!” However, it was only the first half of the show. The ska party was coming up next.

Jeju’s “idol band” South Carnival’s music is a mix of all sorts of genres such as ska, reggae, cuban samba and salsa, so it was impossible not to enjoy their show. People cheered for ‘Monddak Doreura’’s jolly Jeju dialect, and the set culminated in an enormous dance party with the artists and the audience dancing together like it was the end of the world. The next and last stage was that of 20-year-old legendary ska punk band Lazybone. Jundoy, the lead vocalist of Lazybone, had had a serious cycling accident the day before, and half of his body was covered in bandages, but he said, “There’s no reason to cancel the show. ‘Cause it’s the reason I’m alive anyway!” The audience cheered with admiration and appreciation.

The three-hour show was like an awesome tempest, and people left the hall content, with a hallabong in each hand. Regardless of style or location, bringing bands together is always the right choice. As South Carnival members said, “You know what? There are tons of great artists not only in Jeju, but also all around Korea, and they’re making their own music right where they’re living. Please take an interest in their work and the local music scenes.” I wish the best of luck to all our local adventurers and to the Sound Bridge project that South Carnival is working on.


South Carnival



The Audio

Interview : Yesol Han
English Translation : Song Hee M. Roh
Edited by : Rock 'N' Rose



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