Posted on August 15, 2014

Startline is a three piece melocore punk rock band consisting of members  Choi Hun (Drums), Jung Ho Jun (Vocal / Guitar) and Won Zena (Bass / Vocals). Startline were the winners of last years ‘Asian Beat Korean Final’ and they also won prizes for best band and best drummer at the ‘Grand Final’ competition.

The band has just released their new EP Album ‘Across The Night’. Check it out :

Buy 'Across The Night' (Digital) :

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Buy 'Across The Night' (Physical Copy)  :

1. Wire money to Kookmin Bank (Acc # : 703002-01-284704 Acc Name : 이경세)
2. Send en email to with your name (as it appears on your bank book), phone number and shipping address (includeing zip code).

1 CD = 10,000won
2 CDs = 19,000won
3 CDs = 28,000
4 CDs = 37,000
5 CDs = 45,000

* please note, only available in Korea. There is no international shipping option. All prices include shipping costs (within Korea)


To celebrate the release of their new album, Startline has a showcase concert at Prism Hall, Check out the information below :

Date : 8월 29일 금요일 20:00
Venue : Prism Hall
Adv : 18,000원
Door : 20,000원
Guest : Tacopy

* To purchase advanced tickets for this show please wire money to Kookmin Bank (Acc # 752601-04-251427 / Acc Name : 빅페이스레코드. On the show day, simply show some ID with your name on it (name must be the same as the name in your bank book). Advanced tickets are available until Monday 25th Aug. Email with any questions. You can cancel your purchase until the 28th Aug (there will be a 1,000 won charge for canceled tickets).

For more information on the band, check them out at the following sites :

Facebook :
Twitter :
DoIndie :
Naver Blog :



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