Posted on April 26, 2018

Concert Preview

SUUNS - "If there’s a case to be made that subversion and dystopia can still fuel great left-of-center rock, Suuns make a damn convincing one.” - Pitchfork 

Protomartyr - “Their quality of music and precision is outstanding, and while referencing so many of our favourite artists from eras been and gone, they perform and compose in a new light with such integrity that makes them a step above the rest.” - The Line Of Best Fit

3rd Line Butterfly - "3rd Line Butterfly has been a gracefully fluttering around the volatile Korean music scene for over 15 years now. Despite their longevity they have managed to remain surprisingly original, keeping their distinct sound yet always striving to move forward and try something new." - Weiv



This June, Canadian art punk band Suuns, American post punk band Protomartyr, and Korean indie rock band 3rd Line Butterfly are performing live at Hongdae Hanatour V-hall. It will be both Suuns and Protomartyr first ever visit to Korea, something that is sure to excite their fans.



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Suuns (“you pronounce it "soons", and it tranlates as "zeroes" in Thai) became a hot topic as their track ‘2020’ of the second album [Images du Futur (2013)] was used in Nike’s commercial (link). Their music are described as krautrock, neo-psychedelia or art punk. Their group's first two records, 2010's Zeroes QC and 2012's Polaris Prize-nominated Images Du Futur - both released on Secretly Canadian - were immediate critical hits, and Suuns soon found themselves part of a late '00s musical renaissance in the city, alongside fellow groups like The Besnard Lakes, Islands and Land Of Talk.






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After a year of extensive touring in support of 2015's The Agent Intellect, Protomartyr returned to their practice space in a former optician's office in Southwest Detroit. Guitarist Greg Ahee—inspired by The Raincoats' Odyshape, Mica Levi's orchestral compositions, and Protomartyr's recent collaboration with post-punk legends The Pop Group, for Rough Trade's 40th anniversary—began writing new music that artfully expanded on everything they'd recorded up until that point. The result is Relatives In Descent, their fourth full-length and Domino debut. Though not a concept album, it presents twelve variations on a theme: the unknowable nature of truth, and the existential dread that often accompanies that unknowing. This, at a moment when disinformation and garbled newspeak have become a daily reality.





3rd Line Butterfly

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Introspective post-modern rock striped with moody guitars and smoky vocals, 3rd Line Butterfly is a Seoul-stationed trio that sublimely soars with velvety sounds from the Korean underground. This legendary Korean rock band have excelled in the art of reinventing themselves every time they release something. What’s particularly thrilling about the band’s evolution is that you can hear their pure joy of discovery and risk-taking in each of their new releases. They won numerous awards including Album of the Year 2013 and their new album were nominated for Best modern rock album of the year 2018 at Korean Music Awards.




Date - 2018.6.17 (Sun) 6PM
Venue - Hanatour V-hall
Ticket - advance 45,000won / at door 55,000won
Ticket in advance - Hanatour Ticket / CJ Cultural Foundation


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