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The second location for Doindie’s ‘Indie Scene in Asia’ series is a place that most people think of as simply a place for a sunny vacation spot. However, it is also a treasured place for independent music lovers too.

Located in the heart of the Indochina peninsula and a country ranked 20th in the world for population, Thailand.

Check out some of our music picks from Thailand.


Yellow Fang

ⓒTime Out BeijingⓒBangwagon

In 2016, Yellow Fang’s played a surprise concert with Parasol and Kim Sawol X Kim Haewon. Despite being announced unexpectedly there was a long que of people waiting outside Strangefruit before the doors opened. That concert not only introduced me to this awesome three-piece Thai band called ‘Yellow Fang’, but it also triggered my interest in the Asian indie scene as well.

Yellow Fang is one of the most popular female bands in Thailand they have been really active since forming in 2007. Their sound is a shoegazing-based lo-fi and a spacious sound. Pang, the vocalist/guitarist of Yellow Fang, produces a concert series called ‘Have You Heard?,’ and has successfully promoted concerts by many distinguished foreign bands, such as Mac Demarco, Beach Fossils, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Rhye and more.

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ⓒBK Magazine

Synth/electronic pop band TELEx TELEXs was formed in 2015, and has released four singles and one EP to date. They have yet to release a full length album, so there aren’t so many songs to listen to online. Nevertheless, they have successfully ensconced themselves as one of the most iconic bands in Thailand. After releasing only three songs, they signed a contract with Wayfer Records, a sub label of Warner Music Thailand. They released a single called ‘Shibuya’ with Wayfer Records, and so far it has reached over one million views on Youtube.

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This stunning five-piece band which formed in 2014 has not yet released an album, but is already quite famous. There is even a bar in Bangkok named after one of their songs, ‘Where Do We Go.’ They exhibit a wide range of the musical spectrum in their songs, from ambient guitar pop to sizzling shoegazing and psychedelic guitar tones. The hazy, dreamlike soundscape of their songs makes them a stand out band and one to watch.

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Gym and Swim


Five-piece synth pop/electronic band Gym And Swim call themselves ‘tropical inspired pop’, and this description indeed reflects in their music, which is sure to conjure thoughts of tropical paradises. Before releasing their full length album, they had only released one single. That single caught the attention of fans and critics alike all around the world. Three years after their formation, in 2016, they released their first album ‘SeaSick,’ and successfully finished tours in Japan and Taiwan. In 2017, they participated in the Clockenflap festival in Hong Kong, establishing themselves as one of the most promising rising stars in Asia.

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ⓒMalama Collective

Hailing from Bangkok, Safeplanet is a three-piece indie pop/rock band that arouses rather safe and peaceful sentiments, as reflected in their band name. To date they have released six singles. Their fourth single ‘Mirror Room’ was particularly successful, reaching 100000 views on Youtube in only two weeks (and it is about to reach six million views at this point). Safeplanet is getting a lot of attention and focus in the Thai scene. Make sure to catch them at one of the many festivals or major concerts they have lined up.

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ⓒBenz Thanachart / tempdotband

temp. is an indie pop band that recalls the Motown sound. Although they think of themselves as ‘just another pop band among numerous others,’ the band is actually a super group of sorts consisting of members from previous well-known Thai bands ‘Part Time Musicians,’ ‘electric.neon.lamp,’ ‘JindaJohn’ and ‘Summer Dress.’ Their name is an abbreviation of the word ‘temporary,’ which may at first glance might make it look a bit like a side project. But fear not, the name means that they simply want to enjoy performing as a band, away from any serious thoughts that might hinder them from moving forward.

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Whal & Dolph


Indie-pop duo Whal & Dolph consists of guitarist Whal and vocal/guitarist Dolph. Their music is based in folk, but their unique guitar playing style is what actually captivates audiences.

Whal & Dolph wear Hawaiian shirts at every performance, and their music creates a relaxed but not mundane atmosphere.

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Written by: Jin Kim


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