Posted on April 19, 2017

Concert Preview

“Let's grab a beer or two and listen to some great music at S-Beer Garden Fiesta"

The Beer Week is back for its third edition, under the slogan “Let’s conquer the universe with awesome beer!”. If you’re a beer lover, you really need to check out The Beer Week Seoul. The festival will take place over 5 days from May 3rd to May 7th. This is a holiday week in Korea so it’s a great opportunity to try various craft beers from famous international and local breweries.

The Beer Week Seoul takes place twice a year (in May and September) and is organised by Korean start-up ‘The Booth Brewing Co.’. They organized the festival with the aim of introducing delicious craft beers from around the world to Korea and helping the local craft beer industry grow and thrive. Early Bird beer coupons are already sold out, but there are more discounted tickets on sale right now (LINK), and you will be able to pick them up on the day as well. This year there will be no end of international beers available at the festival, including Other Half and Sweet Water. Local Korean breweries such as The Booth, Galmegi Brewing Co. and Wild Wave will be joining the party to add a bit of homegrown flavor to the proceedings.

But it’s not just a beer festival, mind you; there will be loads of other entertaining activities such as games and special events to keep everyone busy. And ….. of course, it would not be right to call it a festival without there being some kind of live music involved! That’s where we come in-- DOINDIE has teamed up with The Booth to bring you some of the very best of the Korean live music scene. We will have three artists playing each day of the festival to keep your ears as happy as your tastebuds will be. If you’re interested in tipsy performances by diverse artists such as Danpyunsun, Theatre8, Billy Carter, and Ha Heon Jin, just come on down to Common Ground for The Beer Week in early May!

Check out all the artists who will be performing!

 MAY 3rd (Wed):

18:00 - HA HEON JIN

Ha Heon Jin is a blues guitarist / singer-songwriter based out of Hongdae, Seoul.

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19:00 - AIRY

People describe Airy as a singer-songwriter who successfully combines folk and modern rock sounds into her music. Thanks to her performances and the power of word of mouth, Airy has been quickly thrust into the spotlight since her open mic debut despite having never released any recorded music. Airy’s music is both lovely and clever. It is a world where opposites coexist in harmony. Her songs feel both innocent and corrupt, immature yet mature, sharp yet soft. Since 2015 she has racked up more than 80 shows, including a performance at Zandari Festa, shows in Jeonju, Jeju and other cities in Korea. On top of that, Airy played a couple of shows in Tokyo in 2016.

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Billy Carter is a three-member rock band consisting of Kim Jiwon (vocals), Kim Jina (guitar) and Lee Hyunjoon (drums). Their live performances are full of energy, dancing, running and jumping. Since releasing their debut EP ‘The Red’ in June 2015, the band has been nominated for three Korean Music Awards, made Naver’s band of the week list, declared Music Y’s underground artists of the year and also won the 2015 K-Rookies competition. After releasing their second EP ‘The Yellow’ in January 2016, the band went on to perform at EBS Space, Zandari Festa, Jazz in Seoul and Jeju Stepping Stone Festival. They released their first full length album ‘Here I Am’ to great critical acclaim at the end of 2016.

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MAY 4th (Thurs):

18:00 - SAI

Sai is the founder of organic punk folk music. Organic punk folk means "folk music with a punk attitude" … the organic part has no real meaning; it’s just a trendy word in Korea right now, so he added it.


19:00 - GUILIN

GuiLin is a classically trained duo with an ability to touch people with their music. The name of the band was made up by joining together the words ‘guitar’ and ‘violin’. The harmony between those two instruments is essential to the band's aim of becoming the best musical ensemble. The thing the duo are trying hardest to achieve is to create a concert that appeals to people who are already familiar with classical music as well as one that attracts people who may not already be interested in the genre.

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Maggie Crossett has been active in the Seoul music scene for three years now. She is originally from Atlanta. You can find her collaborating with different friends/musicians here in Seoul. Her music influences are Etta James, Nina Simone, Whitney Houston and Jewel. She specifically enjoys playing blues, soul and folk genres, including her own originals. She released her full album entitled ‘Long Road’ on November 28, 2015. She is currently recording two original EPs to be released this May.

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MAY 5th (Fri):


Jang Minwoo released his first EP ‘Beyond The Sky’ on January 11th, 2012. After releasing this EP he became the vocalist and songwriter of indie band Blackbag. He released his solo album 'Watercolor' on October 15th, 2016. Currently he is also the lead guitarist for Corona who were one of the top 10 bands participating in Superstar K 2016.


19:00 - ASEUL

Solo electro-pop musician Yukari released her debut album ‘Echo’ in Korea and Japan in 2012. In 2016 she changed her stage name to Aseul and released her new full-length album ‘New Pop’. The album contains 12 tracks and was completely produced by Aseul herself. The new album maintains the unique dreamlike and melancholy vibe of ‘Echo’, but it has a much faster tempo and a more vivid sound. Aseul’s style has evolved into electro-pop from the lo-fi dream pop of before. ‘New Pop’ was named as one of Bandcamp’s best albums of 2016 and was also nominated for Best Electronic Album at the Korean Music Awards.

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20:00 - YOJA

Hailing from Louisiana and Washington State respectively, Caleb Joseph Russo and Hunter Gabriel Martinson met and formed the duo known as YOJA, here in South Korea. They recently released their self-titled debut online and in CD form. Blending elements of folk and americana with spacey synth jams and poppy hooks, YOJA is the perfect soundtrack for your chilling needs.

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MAY 6th (Sat):


Grey Watson, a musical artist from Birmingham, Alabama, living in Seoul, Korea, dabbles in a lot of styles. His debut album, ‘Ruins’, incorporates a wide range of influences that are hard to identify exactly but possesses soulful, rocking and lyrical qualities. After a summer tour in the U.S. with his band Visions, he and the band are working on new material. Watson is poised to release some of this material in 2017.

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The name Croque-note means something like ‘a clumsy musician’ in French. She may have a slightly clumsy feel to her stage presence but she is a singer-songwriter who emits a great sincerity.

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Scott Hildebrand is a singer-songwriter / multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, USA, who has cultivated a smooth and dreamy sound for his diverse repertoire. His music pulls from genres like the bluesy roots of his hometown as well as folk, rock ‘n roll and reggae. As a world traveler, having busked and played gigs in over ten countries, his music reflects the inspiration and joy he has received back to the listeners.

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MAY 7th (Sun):


Danpyunsun is a Korean musician who was born in Seoul in 1986. He has been influenced by old Korean songs as well as American and British underground folk and indie rock. He is also interested in various other genres of music.

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19:00 - KIM MASTER   

After his debut as a singer and composer in 2004, Kim Master has released 7 albums and produced numerous others. He was a columnist for the Dong-A Ilbo and SK Communications, and was also a regular guest on radio programs such as Shin Hae-cheol's ‘Ghost Nation’, Choi Tae-jung's ‘Power Time’, and SS501 Kim Hyung Joong's ‘Music High’. Kim Master has appeared on EBS Space and MBC’s Nanjang. He also directed and produced the music documentary ‘Bluesway’ in 2014. His music is rooted in folk and blues and he sings songs about an easygoing lifestyle. Kim Master is breaking away from performing in traditional concert venues such as theaters to become more of a street performer. People compare his guitar playing to Gary Moore’s and his voice to that of Joe Cocker.


20:00 - THEATRE 8 

Theater 8 is a rock ‘n roll band from Korea. From 'Welcome to the Show' (released in 2008) to 'Perfect Moment' (released in 2016), the band has released three EPs and three full-length albums. Theater 8 have played all over the country at clubs, TV shows, festivals and more. They have a unique sound influenced by English rock bands from the sixties and seventies.



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