Posted on February 12, 2015

>>>>> DoIndie has some tickets to give away for Live Club Day (Feb 27th). Details on how to win can be found at the bottom of this article! <<<<<

Set in Hongdae, the birthplace of Korean indie music culture ‘Live Club Day‘ is making a return to the scene this year. A ticket to the show will get access to multiple clubs where you can see a plethora of bands and musicians from a wide variety of genres including everything from rock, jazz and hip hop to electronic, crossover and more.

The original Club Day was started way back in March 2001 where it became a mainstay of the live music scene until it sadly came to a close in 2011. Now, after a 4 year break it has been revived from the dead. This or course is fantastic news for anyone who likes live music. All pre sale tickets (blind tickets, early bird and standard tickets) for Live Club Day’s comeback night have all sold out in super quick time, which only serves to underline the excitement and the importance of the return of this fantastic live music night. They only way to get tickets now is to turn up and hope there are some left on the door. Or … there is another way! As official partners of Live Club Day we got our hands of a few tickets which we will be giving away soon! Make sure to check back regularly for details on the event when it starts.  

February the 27th will be the first Live Club Day of the new era, and they are starting out how they mean to continue with an amazing lineup of over 30 artists across 10 of Hongdae’s finest live music clubs. Following this opening bonanza, there will be a Live CLub Day night on the last Friday of every month. DoIndie is proud to announce we are official partners of Live Club Day. It is an honor to be involved in such a cool project and a pleasure to be supporting the Korean indie music scene we love so much. As part of our partnership with Live Club Day we will be hosting lots of fun events and giveaways as well as bringing you previews, reviews and all the news you need to know. Make sure to regularly check back with DoIndie & Live Club Day so you don’t miss anything!

Live Club Day Lineup (Feb 27th) :

Freebird2 (Bigbird)

20:00 : Pavlov
21:00 : Nunco Band
22:00 : No. 1 Korean
23:00 : Rock 'N' Roll Radio
00:00 : Dead Buttons
01:20 : Julia Dream


Prism Hall

20:00 : Reflex
21:00 : The Strikers
22:00 : Yellow Monsters



00:00 : Idiotape


Club FF

20:00 : Hyuk oh
21:00 : Cranfield
22:00 : Electric Eels
23:00 : The Solutions


Club Ta

20:00 : Goonamguayeoridingstella (Goonam)
21:00 : Lowdown 30
22:00 : 3rd Line Butterfly
23:00 : Galaxy Express



20:00 : Kang A Sol x Lim Bora
21:00 : Gimsaweol x Kim Haewon
22:00 : Yozoh x Ingeon Lim


SangSang Madang

20:00 : Guckkasten
21:00 : Seoul Electric Band
22:00 : Annyeongbada (Bye Bye Sea) x Yi Sung Yol



20:00 : Monkeyz
21:00 : Mintgray 
22:00 : 24 Hours


Evans Lounge

20:00 : Hello Gayoung
21:00 : Horan with Zicu
22:00 : Bily Acoustie



20:00 : Gubonam Band
22:00 : Jim & Friends

Tickets : 

Advanced Tickets : All Sold Out

Door tickets :  Limited to 350 tickets. More information below.

Note :

1. Make sure to check the locations and times of all the bands you want to see.

2. Make sure to exchange your ticket for a wrist band at the Xindie ticket lounge before trying to enter the clubs. The ticket lounge will be open from 18:00 - 00:00. Take ID with you.

3. You can enter the clubs from 7pm. Only people with wrist bands will be admitted to the clubs.

4. Door tickets will be limited. Each of the following clubs will have 50 tickets each to sell on the door. first come first served. Evans, Evans Lounge, GoGos2, Club Ta, Clubf FF, Freebird2, Prism.

5. For safety reasons once a club reaches capacity, no more people will be allowed to enter. Please arrive at the venues early to avoid disappointment.

To be in with a chance of winnings tickets to Live Club Day (Feb 27th), simply follow the steps below :

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For more information check out the following sites :

Facebook :
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Instagram :

24 아워즈 (24 Hours), 3호선 버터플라이 (3rd Line Butterfly), 강아솔 X 임보라 (Kang a sol X Lim Bora), 갤럭시익스프레스 (Galaxy Express), 구남과여라이딩스텔라 (Goonam), 구본암 밴드 (Gubonam Band), 국카스텐 (Guckkasten), 김사월 X 김해원 (Gimsaweol & Kim Haewon), 넘버원코리안 (No.1 Korean), 눈뜨고코베인 (Nunco Band), 데드버튼즈 (Dead Buttons), 러브엑스스테레오 (Love X Stereo), 로다운30 (Lowdown 30), 로큰롤라디오 (Rock 'N' Roll Radio), 리플렉스 (Reflex), 몽키즈 (Monkeyz), 민트그레이 (Mint Gray), 빌리어코스티 (Bily Acoustie), 서울전자음악단 (Seoul Electric Band), 솔루션스 (The Solutions), 스트라이커스 (The Strikers), 안녕하신가영 (Hello Gayoung), 요조 X 임인건 (Yozoh X Ingeon Lim), 옐로우몬스터즈 (Yellow Monsters), 이디오테잎 (Idiotape), 이승열 X 안녕바다 (Yi Sung Yol X Annyeongbada), 전기뱀장어 (The Electric Eels), 줄리아드림 (Julia Dream), 짐 & 프렌즈 (Jim & friend), 파블로프 (Pavolv), 크랜필드 (Cranfield), 호란 with 지쿠 (Horan with Zicu), 혁오 (Hyuk Oh)



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