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Rude Paper, a duo from Korea who make ‘Future Reggae’ music in a land where the word ‘reggae’ is still not all that common, have created a unique piece of work. They started out in 2012 by releasing their debut album <Paper Spectrum> and ever since heading over to Japan to play at a Reggae Festival, where they befriended lots of other reggae musicians, they have been on a mission to discover what the ‘true essence of reggae’ actually is. The result of this mission was that in late 2015 the band found themselves on a plane heading to the birthplace of reggae music, Jamaica itself. Members Kunta and RD stayed in Jamaica for a month, where they recorded their second full length album.

The band have just released (via Youtube) a five part documentary series that follows the process of recording their second album <Destroy Babylon> while out in Jamaica. It is a vivid look at the band during their time at  Tuff Gong Studio, a reggae music shrine, where they worked with the legendary Dean Frazer and Earl Chinna Smith. As an added bonus for their English-speaking fans, the film includes English subtitles as well!

In order to complete their quest to ‘fully understand reggae’ music, Rude Paper traveled all the way over to Jamaica to get a taste of the local life and culture. They say their biggest achievement from the trip was to finally get a grasp on the structure of roots reggae music. You can check out the whole story by watching the videos below, or heading over to their Youtube channel here.

Although the band have only just released the video of their trip to Jamaica, the album was released late last year. You can get a copy by following the links below. Rude Paper say they are going to be playing loads of gigs and also plan to release a new single in the near future, so make sure to keep checking back with them for the latest updates and to see them live when you can.

# Episode 1 - Reggae Music is Weapon of the Future

# Episode 2 - Inna De Yard

# Episode 3 - East Rockers

# Episode 4 - D-Day

# Episode 5 - Final recording

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